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Mahan Rework

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Hi Dev's


Just thought it'd be cool if you could re-order the torp pods (1 central, 1 either side) on the Mahan, currently the centre turrent is no.1. This mean that the first salvo or torps can go left or right, I think it would be better if your first salvo was from the dedicated left or right pod, meaning you could fire in the order you want, ie:


left, right, right, - (currently not possible)

left, right, left

left, left, right,


and similarly firing from the right side.  Currently 2 or the 6 possible torp orders are not available due to numbering. I think this would be simple to fix and allow players to fully utilize the ship. 





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i agree, i have been burned by reloding torp launchers loading just as i try to fire the next launcher and it twerks my shot..... and it would also be nice to have the choice of angle for torp shot. great idea OP

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