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Earth Space Battleship Luxion

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Earth Space Battleship

るくしおん Luxion



From Gunbuster!



Class/Type: Third Generation Space Battleship

Displacement: 62700 tons

Length: 320 meters

Breadth: 52 meters

Shafts: 1 

Engine: 1 Degeneracy Generator

Top speed: 2093683 knots (3877502 km/h)



2 - Laser Cannons



Between Mega to Giga-tons all round

Energy Shielding



 The Luxion was first began developing on 2006 and finally completed and commissioned on 2013 by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries shipyards. The Luxion-class was the sole battleship designed for extensive space exploration and combat. Commanded by Admiral Yuzo Takaya.


During an exploration in the Perseus Spiral Arm, on 19 December 2015, the Luxion disappears 250 light-years from its last 

known position near the constellation Cygnus. It was later learned that they had encountered with the space monsters which inhabit space. The fleet was brutally attacked without provocation and all but destroyed during an ambush on 21 December 2015. Admiral Yuzo Takaya died in his ship while only a handful of the crew escaped.




21st December 2015


This may be a fiction ship but after reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed.

So dear animu/mango masters, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out.

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