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few question about concealment, please

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I'm still new, and not quit sure about this system.


ok, assume that my ship detectability is 7 km.


1. does that mean enemy ship will see my if I'm go within 7 km radius from him? but sometime he can fire at me since 10 km.

2. if there's a 2 enemy ship, 'A' in 5 km (of cause he see me) but other 'B' is 7+ km away, will 'B' able to see my due to 'A'?

3. if I'm been spot, does my position will reveal on whole map? (i mean, enemy form other side map can see me on mini map)

4, some say that turn off AA gun will get more conceal,.... really? how?

5. once detect, how to go conceal again?


that about it, thank you in advance

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1: Yes, there needs to be an enemy within 7km to spot you. HOWEVER, once you are spotted, EVERYONE will see you and can fire at you.

2: Just like above, there needs only 1 ship to spot you, but then everyone else on enemy team can see you on the map.

3: Again, yes.

4: Yes and no. This only apply when you have AA guns with more range than your aerial detection range, usually it's higher tier Destroyers. Also, if you are in smoke screen but your AA guns are shooting, then it will get you spotted because of tracer fire. Turn AA off in that case would help.

5: Simply run away until there's no enemy within your detection range again.

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Firing your guns increases the range in which an enemy will detect you. Also, if an enemy 3km away detects you, the enemy that's 12 km away will also know your position.

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