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Show friendlies current activing skills on the info panel ?

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I wonder if dev. can make an animation / icon to show what ship skill your friendlies are currently using right now.

Display it right next to the HP bar, only visible when you are pressing the "Alt" key.(Alternative Battle Interface Mode) or sth


WG games always encourage teamplay, with no VOIP function sometimes you have no time to ask for a smoke / Anti Air, 

Typing may become too slow and you still have to wait for the reply from your team

and most importantly, some players don't even bother to answer. LOL :l


As we know, dev. has reduced all the active skills into 2 charges, 1 additional charge if you have your admiral skill mastered. So we can;t spam the skill all the time now.

With this thing on the info panel will certainly help players in the team to manage their skill deployment for the team.

Is this idea possible :D ?

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Nice suggestion, but I also want visible cooldown of all friendly skills as well.


Many skills would be much effective and protect the fleet much longer. (however, I guess 3-4 consecutive smoke would be disaster here)


If possible, I do want the skill icons to be shortcuts of requesting particular skills, such as CTRL+L.Click on Defensive AA icon or smoke (without cooldown) will alert teammates to use it.



Encouraging teamplay? i don't know. Many people just ignore the others anyway. :(

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