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Arkansas Equipment debate

Arkansas Equipment by slots  

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  1. 1. Slot 1 (battery protection)

    • Main battery mod 1
    • Secondary battery mod 1
  2. 2. Slot 2

    • Main battery mod 2 (faster turn, less RoF)
    • Secondary battery mod 2 (Longer range and better accuracy)
    • Gun fire control 1 (increased max fire range main battery only)
  3. 3. Slot 3

    • Gun fire control mod 2 (better accuracy main battery only)
    • Secondary mod 3 (increased RoF)
    • Main battery mod 3 (Better Rof, slower gun traverse)
  4. 4. Slot 4

    • Damage control 1 (reduced flood/fire chances)
    • Steering mod 1 (reduces chance of knock-out and speeds repair to rudder)
    • Propulsion mod 1 (" ^^ " to engine)
  5. 5. Slot 5

    • Damage control 2 (Speeds recovery from floods/fire)
    • Steering 2 (faster rudder shift)
    • Propulsion 2 (faster acceleration)
  6. 6. Slot 6

    • Camouflage mod (reduces detectability)
    • View Range mod (increases view range)

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Beta Tester
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So I've got 4 of the 6 slots already occupied, but wondering what the fellow beta testers think about the choices?


For me I've got:

1. Main battery mod 1 (I think this is a no brainer - main armament is most important)

2.Gun fire control 1 (Longer engagement range for main battery works for me, especially since the Akansas has 12 guns it has a good chance of landing a hit, and the range upgrade puts it on par with the fully upgraded Wyoming)

3. Not occupied, but thinking along the lines of better accuracy mod (gun fire control 2)? I don't think the secondaries with their short range will be of much use and the increased turret traverse will negate the increased RoF if I can't bring my guns to bear in time?

4. Damage control 1  - with everyone spamming HE and the long cooldown of the damage control party, I thought the lower the chances of fire/flooding the better? Plus there's the issue of CV captains attacking me with impunity since the Arkansas has no AA whatsoever (even the tier 3 St Louis has pew pew machine guns  - its not much, but better than nothing)

5. Damage control 2 - Same reason as above, may change to Steering mod 2 to be able to dodge torps better?

6. unnocupied, but thinking camo mod is better than view range? though spotting DD's from a longer range may be useful?

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1. Secondary battery mod 1 (lel). Not a lot of things can breach your magazines or KO your main turrets at the tiers it sees.

2. Gun Fire Control System 1. No brainer. Arkansas needs the range upgrade

3. Gun Fire Control System 2. Tighter dispersion = more citadels = more oneshotting stuff

4. Damage Control System 1. With all the HE spam you see at lower levels, every bit of fire prevention helps.

5. Steering Gears Modification 2. Makes the Arkansas dance

6. Blank. Both are pretty worthless at this point.

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Alpha Tester
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They are mostly fine choices, though Damage control 1 is a waste of a slot, 0.5% lower chance of fire, or 0.3% lower chance of flooding makes no difference whatsoever, you would be better off using the other damage prevention options, so either the engine or rudder modifications, whichever one gets damaged more often, and steering mod 2 is much more useful than the damage control one, otherwise that 24s or however long it is rudder shift time will haunt you.

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Beta Tester
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Unless 0.4.0 changed things (I admit I haven't checked) then question 6 is wrong.  The second option is increased target acquisition range, not increased view range, and in CBT we worked out that it's effectively useless.

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Alpha Tester
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The paint job on the Ark. Is that functional?


The default?


No... not at all


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