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Account Levels: Leveling up your WoWs account for fun and profit

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Part 1 - Introduction
With the release of World of Warships, Wargaming.net has introduced a feature not seen previously in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes - Account Levels.
These levels allow players to unlock extra in-game features and receive bonus rewards as they play either Co-op (PvE) or Random (PvP) Battles.

Some of the account features that can be unlocked via the progression system include the ability to mount Flags (which give you various bonuses) on your ship, earn and use Free XP and even train up Captains for your ships - just to name a few. I'll go into further detail about exactly what can be unlocked as your level increases a bit later.


The quickest and easiest way it to find your current level is to check the top right hand side of the screen while you are logged into the game


As you can see from this image, the top account is at Level 8 and the bottom one is a Level 4 account. Also note the icon next to the Level - each level has it's own unique icon


If you want to see your current progress towards the next Account Level, you can click on the arrow next to your In-game Name



To level up, simply play either Co-op or Random Battles. As you play and earn experience (XP) to upgrade and unlock new ships this XP is also put towards increasing your account level.


When you have gained enough experience, your account's level will automatically increase and unlock new features


Now that I've covered the basics, in next part of this guide I'll be going through each of the available Levels, covering what features get unlocked and any rewards that are given



14/07/2015 - added Part 2

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Super Tester_
760 posts
5,377 battles

Part 2 - Levels

As I mentioned in the first part of this guide, as your Account Level increases, not only are in-game features unlocked but you also receive rewards for doing so.

Below is a table of the currently available Levels and the features they unlock


Level Description Notes
UQe1Mhx.png Level 1

Co-op Battles
Team up with other players to fight against a bot team.
Available in the Battle Type menu

XP required for next Level: 500

This is the default starting level for new accounts
Welcome to World of Warships!
FnmfYVo.png Level 2

Random Battles
Two teams of players confront each other on the battlefield
Available in the Battle Type menus

Credit Bonus
100,000 Credits

XP required for next Level: 1500

You can now fight against other players in a PvP (Player vs. Player) environment.
uVFvpZl.png Level 3

Daily Missions
You can now receive additional rewards for completing various missions in random battles
One new mission will be added every 24 hours to replace completed missions
An item is added at 0:00 server time (UTC +8) if a free slot is available

Credit Bonus
200,000 credits

XP required for next Level: 3000

BSgLlJu.png Level 4

Free XP
Free Experience Points (Free XP) can be used to research any ship or module
5% of XP earned in battles additionally goes to Free XP
You can only convert experience on Elite or Premium ships.
25 undistributed XP can be converted to Free XP for 25 doubloons
When a new ship or module is researched, Free XP is only used when all undistributed XP are spent

Free Experience bonus
3000 Free XP

XP required for next Level: 5000

0wFpCKn.png Level 5

Ship Commanders
By earning XP in battles, Commanders can master and use skills the improve ship parameters
When assigned to another ship, a Commander requires retraining to achieve maximum skills effect.
Until retraining is complete, the effect of mastered skills is reduced by 50%
To access the Skills screen, click the Commander's image on the Ship Parameters panel

Credit bonus
750,000 credits

XP required for next Level: 7500

I highly recommend checking out dead_man_walking's post: Your Commander for a more detailed look at the Commander skill system
4bfbRDs.png Level 6

Upgrade various ship system to enhance their battle performance
Upgrading affects all modules of this type compatible on this ship
The number of upgrades available for a ship depends on her type and teir
To upgrade a ship, go to the ship modules screen

Credit bonus
1,250,000 credits

XP required for next Level: 10000

ztfmEjW.png Level 7

Mount signals on the ship to enhance her performance or increase the amount of credits and XP earned in the battle.
Receive signals as an award for your battle performance
Mounted signals are spent in one battle. Enable auto-resupply to automatically mount the selected signals after battle
Signals can be mounted on any ship in the port. To mount signals, select a ship and go to the Exterior screen

Premium Account bonus
1 Premium day

XP required for next Level: TBA

zyw1MZF.png Level 8 Camouflages
Mount a camouflage on your ship to reduce her detectability in battle and decrease firing accuracy of the enemy.
Purchase camouflage for in-game currency
A mounts camouflage is spent after battle. Enable auto-resupply to  keep the mounted camouflage for the next battles
Camouflage can be mounted on any ship with the use of the Exterior screen

Credit bonus
2,000,000 credits
  Level 9-20 Not available in the current version  


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