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Beginner Guide - In Game Basics pt4

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In Game

Top right of the screen shows the FPS (frames per second, how well your game is running on your PC, anything above 30 is pretty good). Ping is how many milliseconds it takes for you to talk to the server or MS. Server being in Singapore means I have pretty good ping (under 100) living in Perth.


Underneath that is again your team make up. When ships die from either side they are moved to the bottom and are blacked out. Good way to keep track of how your team is fairing. There is two rows of numbers, the first row on the left may have numbers in it. In the below example there is 3 1’s with a shield around them. This means those ships are part of a division. So good chance they will work together. The second row is how many kills that person has, being the start of the battle we are all on 0. 




Across the top is the mission objective for this map, we start on 300 points  each and then as the battle progresses this will change.


Across the top there are green and red icons, this is a quick way to see how many ships are alive on either team again and what class they are.


Triangles are DDs, the icon with once cross is a cruiser, two crosses are BBs and the last icon is the CV




Along the bottom of the screen is your ammo and consumables along with the your gun reload times.

  1. Gun reload, once all green you are ready to fire
  2. HE or AP, you can change your rounds by double tapping the number on your keyboard. Or you can push it once and it will reload to that round type after you fire. BBs I usually start with a HE round, get my aim and then switch to AP.
  3. Torpedoes, how long a reload I have left. You can notice a small icon on the left, this shows that I have a wide spread for my torps. (more on that in a sec)
  4. Consumables push R or T to activate. Using these at the right time is crucial in each match as they do have a long reload. 




One of the least things used… the minimap… this is in my opinion the MOST IMPORTANT thing to look at every few seconds. Shows you your objectives (4, 5, 6). The shaded area around number 1 shows you where you are looking. The Dotted line (2) is the max range of what I have selected (my guns). Number 3 is if you want to make the map bigger, I really really strongly suggest you make it as large as possible that doesn’t infringe on whats going on in the main screen.




Bottom left of the screen

  1. Ship health, youll notice the green ship will become yellow then red as you lose HP throughout the battle, also gives you your HP.
  2. Another important bit of info, shows you where you are pointing and where your guns are pointing… you really really really REALLY (get the idea, its important) to have the max amount of guns on target
  3. What your current speed is set at… you want to be either going flat out or flat out… this isn’t tanks… do not stop for any reason (maybe to hide behind an island as a destroyer but that’s RARE)
  4. Push M to get a big map to set way points for auto pilot. If your new to this id really suggest using this as a BB player so you can focus on what your main guns are doing. 




Really helpful addition is found through the settings tab in game. Go to controls then select the ‘Alternative Battle Interface Mode’






This will show you the range at where you are pointing and the expected shell travel time (the 1.90s). You can also see that my guns aren’t all where im looking as noted by the small number with the degree.

Once all your available guns are lined up you will see the circle become green, you should also check that all your guns are reloaded (the bottom of the screen above your ammo)

When zoomed in you will get the below… the two white lines, one going horizontal and one going vertical are mainly for show more than anything but the horizontal one (the one the red arrow is pointing at) try to use as a measure against the waterline of the ship your aiming at… so if you are both firing broadsides try line this up just above his waterline. 





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