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Beginner Guide - Torpedo pt3

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It took me a long time to master these bad boys but when you do… they pay off! Pushing 3 on your keyboard will bring up the torpedos, it will also change your tracking to the below.


What ive highlighted is the range (again thanks to selecting that check box) and the expected travel time to that range. When it is yellowed out it means reloading, when all green… fire away ONLY if your point




When you see the red text below it means that your torpedo will run out of air/gas/fuel whatever. Don’t attempt to fire at ships that are beyond this especially if you are new to the game as you will rarely hit anything (as ships travel into range)




When you have torpedos selected you will notice that the range ring on your minimap (see told you its important) will show you how far the torpedo will travel. Viewing below you can see that I cannot hit any red enemies as none are visible and none will be anywhere near where I fire… so… DO NOT FIRE torpedos as soon as they are loaded in the random direction of the enemy… odds are a friendly will cross in front of the torpedo path and well… not good



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