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Beginner Guide - Commander pt2

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Top box highlights how much XP you need to get another point. You can also replace this commander via the reserve (currently highlighted) or you can pinch one from another ship. You are also able to extend your reserve (currently set at 4) for 100 doubloons. 




Selecting commanders from other ships. Please note that ANY commander from ANY ship class can go into ANY premium ship. There is no penalty like tanks if you send a heavy tank commander into a premium medium tank. In ships… NO PENALTY




Commander skills below are broken down loosely by the ship classes.

1 mainly for BBs with some utility for cruisers.

2 is mainly for cruisers and DDs

3 can be used for all ship classes

4 can be used across all ship classes. The first skill here is VERY important, usually my first pick

5 is used for CVs only.

6 is across everything. The third skill here is useful for ALL classes except CVs




Once making a selection you can redistribute all the points again but it does cost you doubloons, the more points you’ve spent the more it costs.  




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Back from the dead Chappo!


Was going to ask about this but, I found something on the cost of retraining commanders between ships: OUCH! :sceptic:




Retrain again has 3 distinct options:

  • 500 Doubloons = all skills working and you are training your CO again in the next battle.
  • 200,000 Credits = retraining time reduced by half.  Commander earns no XP and a 50% penalty is applied to skills.
  • Free =  Commander earns no XP and a 50% penalty is applied to skills.


Retraining your CO takes XP.  (I hear you go huh what? you just said that the CO earns no XP!).  Instead of earning XP towards a skill (this is the earns no XP part), you CO earns XP towards retraining.  The cost of retraining for free in XP is 50% of the XP required to gain the next skill point. So to retrain a CO who is working on their 1st Skill point, you would need them to earn 600 XP (1200 x 0.5), 2nd Skill point would be 650 XP and so on.   You can see what the retraining XP cost would be if you hover over the Commander’s picture before assigning them to the ship.

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