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Beginner Guide - Your Harbour (Garage) pt1

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Some general terms that may need explaining

CV = Aircraft Carrer

BB = Battleship

CA/CL = Cruiser

DD = Destroyer


Enlisting in a Division:

In WoWS you can search for players that are also looking to ‘Div Up’ if none of your regular buddies are online. Click ‘Create Division’ and then ‘enlist me in a division’. You can search for players by clicking on the magnifying glass also. 



Picking PVP or PVE content.

To the right of the battle button is a drop down menu. When you have levelled up enough you can select ‘Random Battle’. This is PVP or against other players. Co-op Battle is PVE or players against bots.  Best to practice in Co-op for at least 10 – 20 battles just so your familiar with the game and its basic concepts. Random battles you do get much more XP and credits for participating. 




Modules Tab

In the modules tab you can select Ammo & consumables or upgrades. With Ammo you can change several things depending on your ship class. Ive got CVs highlighted so all I can change is my repair. You can replace this with a “gold” type repair which lowers its cooldown by a fairly big margin but this will cost you 15 doubloons or 25000 credits each match… if your rich… go for it! if not… dont




With upgrades these cost a fixed amount and then you don’t need to spend anymore credits on them as they’ll be permanently active. Really recommend you look at these as some of the bonuses are quite handy. With the ones I have currently selected they reduce my plane rearming time by 10% which is very very handy. 




Exterior Tab

Signals are gained by completing in game achievements. Head to the Profile > Achievements to see what’s required to get the flags your chasing. The best one to get is the “Equal Speed Charlie London” which gives 50% bonus XP to every battle (well as many flags as you have)

Different ships allow more or less number of flags. Generally speaking the premium ships allow more flags to be used than regular ships. 




Camouflage!!! Need I say more… its very handy to have as it reduces your detection range by 3-4%... doesn’t sound like much but over 10-15km its still a little bit… and every little bit helps! Select the one you want and the click Auto resupply. 




Battle Loading Screen

This is the load in screen that displays each team, starting at the top are CVs then BBs then Cruisers and then lastly DDs. You can compare your ship to other on the team by selecting the ship comparison check box.




My ship compared to the Phoenix, he has better Survivability (Armour/HP) and Artillery (more guns/bigger calibre/faster rate of fire)




If you select the mission tab it will show you whats the mission goal to claim victory. On this map its to get to 1000 points, get the enemy team to 0 or to kill them all.





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