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[Game Mode] Submarine Game Mode.

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            My fan made U-boat/submarine game mode:popcorn:


As we all know, submarine will not be added to World of Warships and has not been added since they're too OP so World of warship is like NO! SUBMARINE and I know that all of us wanted to see submarine in the game.


Ladies and gentlement, gays and lesbians, I present to you:


 Le Submarinio Battle Mode:honoring:


Tf do you do in this game mode?

-Basicly, there will be 1 or 2 submarine based on the difficulty of the game mode, the submarine will be a bot and there will be a team of 4-8 warships confronting the submarine.


-Each 3 minutes, the submarine has to go up to the surface (Yes, I know, submarines don't do that but it's for fair fight) and that's your chance to attack the submarine, after 25 seconds, the submarine will go back down, each 15 seconds, the submarine would launch an attack with torpedoes ofcourse and you need to dodge it, the damage of the torpedus depends on the difficulty.




I hope you guys enjoy this fan made game mode, please do share it and support it and hopefully the wargaming team would notice it and it would be a real game mode :teethhappy: 

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Other words, you want WG to add another game mode with submarine right? If that so, maybe WG will only add it temporary. It will be more like Domination Event  mode in WoT

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Best way is for the Bot Subs to attack a Destroyer Convey (since bots don't run away) and you as the DD/CL will have to use the sonar to detect them.

(As an event):hiding:

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