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Shared Modules?

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I realise that this belongs to a suggestion forum, and I apologise in advance for being unable to find (due to my own inability or otherwise) to find such a forum. As such I will post here.

In World of Tanks I was able to share modules in different tanks in the same nation's tech tree, such as radios and (sometimes) guns or engines.

I wonder if such a provision could be made in World of Warships? Fire Control Directors could be tweaked to add whatever amount (or percentage) to a ship's base range instead of altering the range altogether, and engines could be tweaked to adjust in HP per tier, or change HP by doubling the engine amount (buying for twice the credits).


Just a thought, Ladies and Gentlemen, just a thought.


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You need multiples of the lines to really make that work.

It may come as time progresses and the Tech trees get fleshed out further.

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Its because unlike tanks, most of a ships parts are fairly unique to that specific class and not used by vessels of other classes. There usually isnt more than one researchable gun/engine/firedirector per ship anyway, so shared modules wouldnt do much good from a research perspective.

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