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Newcomer's Guide - Port Tutorial

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Port Interface User Guide


[1] Main screen




This might be a bit of an information overload, so I'll try to break it down part-by-part to explain every bit of the interface


[1.1] Top interface



The first thing you'll notice is these series of buttons at the top of your screen. I'll explain what each button does one by one. Note that you may not see all these buttons when you first log in, as additional buttons are added as your player level increases.


1. Battle: Hitting the battle button queues your selected ship up for battle, allowing you to play the game.

2. Create Division: Divisions are a group of up to three players who will be able to join the same match together. You can either create your own division and invite other players, or be invited to divisions. 

3. The button on the right of the battle button tells you what sort of match you are currently queued for. This may read Co-op Battle (player vs bots) or Random Battle (player vs player). Note that random battles are only unlocked at player level 2. Clicking on this button will allow you to switch between the two.


Under these three buttons are a bunch of other, smaller buttons.

1. Port switches to port view, your default home screen. 

2. Modules brings up the modules and upgrades section on the left side of the screen for your selected ship.

3. Exterior brings up the exterior decoration section on the left side of the screen for your selected ship. This button may only be visible at player level 7.

4. Tech Tree brings up the tech tree and allows you to see the various research paths of every nation in the game.

5. Profile brings up your player profile, where you will be able to see your statistics, awards, as well as what each player level unlocks for you.


I'll explain more about these sections later.


[1.2] Currency


On the top right hand corner of the screen, you'll see this:



On the left most is the number of Doubloons you have. Doubloons are premium currency and is bought for with real cash. Doubloons can be exchanged into credits, or used to exchange ship experience into free experience via the "exchange credits" and "convert exp" buttons respectively.


In the middle is your Credits count. Credits are earned by fighting in battles, and are used to buy modules, upgrades and new ships, as well as repair and rearm ships after battles. Try not to run out of credits!


The rightmost value is the amount of Free experience you have. A small amount of free experience is earned whenever you battle (generally, a small % of the ship experience you earn). Free experience can be used on any ship you can currently conduct research on. Ships that have unlocked all their modules and researched all of the next ships in line are considered Elite Ships - any future ship experience earned on these elite ships can be converted to free experience by paying doubloons.


[1.3] Missions


At profile level 3, you unlock Daily Missions. The Daily Missions button will appear in your Port screen at the top left-hand corner of the port.



You can have up to 3 daily missions queued for completion. Look at the mission information to figure out what you need to do to complete them, and what rewards they bring. Currently, there is no way to abandon a mission and reroll a different one.


[2] Selecting your ship


At bottom of your screen, you'll see pictures of all the ships you own. When logging in for the first time, this is typically the Erie (Tier 1 American cruiser) and the Hashidate (Tier 1 Japanese cruiser). Left click on the picture of the ship to select it. Your port background should update to show you that ship, and it's statistics will be visible on the right side of the screen. Right clicking on the pictures is another way to bring up the modules section of the ship, and to sell the ship. You are only given a limited number of port slots, so in order to advance and buy newer ships, you may have to sell older ones.


You'll notice a x1.5 image on some of your ship's portraits at the bottom bar. This means that the respective ship still has not used its 1.5x bonus for the day. The first victory every day on a ship will always reward you with x1.5 credits and experience.


[2.1] Ship statistics




At the top of the ship statistics section, you'll see the name of your ship, which tier it is at, and how much experience is available on that ship. Ship Experience is earned in battle, and is used to unlock ship modules, and research the next ship(s) in line. Note that ship experience can only be used on the ship it is earned on. Below that, you'll see the name of your captain, what skills he has, and if he has any spare skill-points to use. 


Below your commander's portrait, you'll see a series of dropdown menus: Survivability, Aircraft, Artillery, Torpedoes, AA Guns, Maneuverability, and Concealment. Not every ship will have every menu - ships without aircraft will have no aircraft menu, and likewise for ships without torpedoes. Clicking any of the dropdown menus will expand it and reveal information about that particular aspect of the ship. Some of this information - like firing ranges, damage, and detectability, is extremely useful, so be sure to take a look!


In addition, you can see little camera icons next to the listed weapons. Clicking on that camera icon will allow you to zoom in and look at each individual weapon. Clicking again will cycle you through each weapon point. It's rather useful to know where the guns of your ship are located so you'll know how to turn to bring them to bear on targets.



[2.2] Ship modules




The ship modules section appears on the left side of the screen when selected. Here, you can research and add modules and upgrades onto your ship. Modules in yellow with a tick are what are currently mounted. Modules must first be researched with experience, and then bought and mounted with credits. Once bought, you can switch back to older modules (if you want) by left clicking and hitting "mount". Arrows denote which modules must first be researched in order to unlock further module research, as well as the next ship in line. Once all modules and all future ships in the modules section are researched, the ship becomes an Elite Ship.


Under the modules section is the Ammunition and Consumables section, showing the various ammunition types and abilities your ship has, and Upgrades (which is only unlocked at player level 6), which modify and enhance your ship's performance.


[2.3] Ship Exterior



The Ship Exterior section appears on the left side of the screen when selected. This button only appears at player levels 7 and 8 and is divided into two sections.


Flags allows you to mount flags on your ship that will give your ship a bonus for one match. Flags are earned from achieving specific actions in a match, and you can mount up to 10 different flags on your ship. Each flag gives its own unique bonus, such as improving your ships speed, or the credits earned in battle. Flags are used up after every match and have to be replenished.


Camouflage allows you to paint your ships in a camouflage pattern, either reducing its detectability or decreasing attacks conducted on you. Camouflage is bought with credits, and must be refilled after every match

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[3] Community


[3.1] Adding friends

On the bottom left of your screen, you'll see this little button:



This is a list of all the players you have in your contacts list, and will tell you their player level, whether they're offline, online, or in battle. Right click on their names in order to open up a context menu to invite them to a division, or open a private message to them, or to remove them from your contacts list. To add new players to your contact list, hit the "+Add Player" button and search for the player's name to send them a contact request.


[3.2] Chat Channels

The other tab of this menu is the chat channel tab. Selecting it shows you this:



Double-click to join a channel, or right click to open up a context-specific menu. This opens up a message tab for you to type and chat in. Official channels are those maintained by WG and patrolled by moderators. Please use the respective Official Channel's languages when in those channels - English in "Questions and In-game Problems" and "Off-topic", Japanese in "JA Channel", Chinese in "ZH_TW Channel". There are also private, player-run channels and communities that you can search for and join. You can create your own channels at the bottom of the menu.


Note that there is a current issue with chat history being wiped from channels after you return from battle. To solve this, simply close and then reopen the respective channels to get the chat history to load back.


[3.3] Message and Notification Centre

The extreme bottom right of your screen is a little "i" button. Clicking this brings up the Messages and Notifications centre



This allows you to view your past battle records by left-clicking on the various entries under "Battles", or check out the various notifications you receive under "Notifications".

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How do I remove names from the 'Channels' list? I figured out how to remove them from 'Contacts' list,but there doesn't seem to be a way to do the same in Channels.I had a look through the files in the game folder but nothing seems obvious to remove them there.




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