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DDs - LTP!

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This is originally posted Wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the CBT days, I updated them and re-started the thread. Enjoy :)


Firstly Welcome all new OBT testers! With the influx of new players, would be nice to help people out on playing DDs, soI thought I can give some advice to you guys. It's just my play style, however it works for me since I start playing.


- Basics


Destroyers are fast, quick and agile ships. They have very little hitpoints, and have absolutely no armour. Most of the DDs have 30~35+ knots speed and they WILL reach that speed quite quickly. Universally they have ~3-4 seconds rudder change time (Elite ships), and their turn radius is usually smaller, which means that you can move much better in crowded area (For example, the Middle part of the North map). Your guns may not hurt as any BB's gun, but you've got Torpedoes - 1 single good hit can cause 10000 damage. Any people are stupid enough to run in a straight line is going to get punished :trollface: Any BB want some now?

Your role is the "Scout" and the Ninja of your team. You are very fast, thus you can get into position much faster than any ship in the game. Although planes is technically a better scout, they can't cover everywhere and TBH they are more useful to spot torpedoes. Secondly, you are of the better ships to counter any DDs coming in (Well it actually depends, but you are your team's first line defense thats for sure). Thirdly, you are the BEST cap or defending the cap ship. You are fast, good ROF, stealthy as well as the deadly torpedoes. For capping, you can turn a lost game to a impossible win; For defending, you are fast, good ROF to reset and as long as you get back to your own cap they cannot progress the cap anymore even you can't hit them.


So to sum it up, 

DD's + :

- Fast and Agile

- Extremely stealthy


- Smokes


DD's - :

- Absolutely no armour and minimal hitpoints

- One good hit from a Cruiser/BB Can and WILL one-salvo you

- Not very hard-hitting gun

- (USN Only) Terrible torpedo range

- (IJN Only) Awful gun turn time


- USN Destroyers


The main feature of USN DDs are their fantastic guns. A T4 Clemson already had double barrel 102 mm guns. USN guns had a VERY fast ROF as well as awesome turrent turn time. For instance, at T5, you will get a 12 seconds turn time and even faster after T8 (5.33 seconds - Yes I repeat - 5.33 seoncds). Their guns tend to have a high arc however, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that at long range if you manage to hit a target, the shell most likely to penetrate through their deck, which is poorly armoured causing a potential citadel hit. However it's extremely hard to lead your target over 8~10 km as the shell take Agggggggges to get to their target. Close range wise this is another story. USN DDs are excellent DD killers if that make any sense. At close range you can easily out gun any IJN DD and your torpedo difference does not make any difference. If you can team up with other DDs, you are even more of a threat to cruisers or even BBs.

USN torpedoes are basically usable but not really outstanding. Their range will not increase until T7 (Mahan, which is a awful ship BTW - horrible stock wise) at 4.5~5.5 km. Now why thats important? Well, your ship had a spotting range - increases (i.e. Worsened if that make sense) usually when your tier goes up. Usually 7~9 km. So you will get spotted before you can launch your deadly torpedoes - which is very risky. Secondary will start opening up even the guy did not notice you. However thats not all terrible - your torpedo speed and occasionally damage are better than the IJN one. Why it matter? Speed of a torpedo means that your target had less time to react - and damage is pretty obvious. Your torpedo range will get better at T8 (Benson), starting to get over the god awful 5~7 km limit.


Play style of the USN DDs can be split into 2 category:


- Brawler: Get up close and personal to launch your torpedoes and keep them busy with your guns. Rush to strategic points to attack enemy ship in close quarter - work even better if the enemy is a IJN DD or a BB. However, KEEP Zic-Zagging and adjusting your speed or else this is simply suicide. Your agility is your savior to doge shots. Be sure to pop smoke if things don't look good.

- Support: NOT CAMPING! Stick with a Cruiser or a BB and use your guns ot fire at stuff the guy is firing at. You are a excellent distraction and with HE potentially setting stuff on fire as well. It's annoying as hell when shots rain in, and when he had enough and decided to shoot you, you are successful as a support DD. When distance closed, get forward and launch your torpedoes. Use smoke to cover your teammate advance or evasion. 




IJN DDs are basically the complete opposite weapon wise. IJN DDs had Excellent Torpedoes. At T5, the Minekaze had a torpedo range of 10km - Even longer range than it's gun - 2 times of USN DDs. When you climb further into the IJN DD tree, you will start to see the infamous Type 93 Torpedoes. And oh god do they hit really hard. 20km range? No Problem! Literally you can launch them at the other side of the map (However this is not advised). IJN DDs tend to have better camo values (i.e. spotting range) than the USN DDs which even more facilitate their role of "Assassin". Launch your torpedo before you are spotted (~8-10 km) and run away. If enemy close in pop smoke and run away and repeat the process. Mind your shots however, your reload is very long and the torpedo speed of IJN Torpedoes isn't all that impressive. Predict how the enemy gonna move and try to spread out your torpedoes (You can press 3 by default repeatedly to alter between the 2 firing mode). 

IJN DDs' gun are not really good, unfortunately. Their turrent turns extremely slowly and cannot keep up with their hull turn speed. I Strong advise you to use Ctrl + X to lock your guns at one direction you think you are going to engage. The DPM of IJN guns are not really good as well, although their Alpha is slightly better. They also go much faster then the American guns which make hitting target a little bit more easier. DO NOT 1 on 1 any USN DDs. If you miss your torpedoes, the USN DD is going to chew you up with their awesome guns. Only fire when you think you are safe from return fire, as stealth is just too important to have for a IJN DD.


The only way you can play this is Long Range Assassin. I had a game in my Sims, where I encounter a 3 man IJN DD platoon. They are very clever despite it's the Ocean map which is easy to doge torpedoes. They keep their distance over 7 km and keep spamming torpedo at my team. We can't see them: 1. they are not firing at all 2. Smokes. That game well..... we got destroyed. Thats how you play your IJN DDs :izmena:

However do keep in mind that if the situation needs you to rush (e.g. enemy pushing one side making your team crumbling but leave a gap to their base), don't be afraid to push. After all you still are very nimble and quick, and winning a game is never a bad thing to do.


- General Tips


- Always Close your AA (Press P to alter)! It counts as you firing, which will get you spotted. Only turn it on when you think some extra AA will help out your teammates (Assuming it will not get you killed).


- Don't be afraid to RAM! How the current ramming system work is that when you ram an enemy, he will take you ships Full hitpoints of damage - meaning you will probably get killed as well. However, even you have 1 health, ramming a ship will still do the full ~10000-15000 damage (Depends on you ship hitpoints). This is very useful to finish off a ship when you are badly hurt and are going to die. Also get you some extra damage if the game is about to end :bajan:


WATCH YOUR FIRE! WATCH YOUR FIRE! WATCH YOUR FIRE! Friendly fire is on in this game. Your torpedo WILL kill an ally. If you see someone in your way,

PleasePleasePlease Wait a second and let him get out of the way. Enough of getting TK for no reason.


- In a duel with another DD, keep changing direction and shift your rudder. 1 Torpedo hit is all that takes to kill you.


- Don't be afraid to rush the enemy base. This is not Suiciding mind you, but if you count most of the ship engaged and left somewhere open, getting a cheeky cap isn't a bad idea. When someone comes back to defend, pop smoke and they can't see you thus disallowing them to reset.


Preserve your smoke! At most you can have 3 use will the 3rd skill, and it is crucial to a destroyer's fate. I personally do not recommend using it in a offensive role too much, as it is your last ditch defense when you had no help. Use it very carefully and don't randomly pop smoke. It needs a long cool down as well.


- Engine Boost is useful for quick capping, Especially at the start. If chased by a Cruiser which can catch up with you, this is also very useful. You can also try to give yourself a chance when you are in a sticky situation and your smoke is out. It's a good tatical option for you to use.


- Use your team's spots. For example in Fault line, the A point is very popular and are filled with different ships. If someone manage to spot somebody behind the hill, pre-launching your torpedo can surprise the heck out of anyone. Particularly useful with IJN DDs.


- Going into open water is not a good idea for a DD. 1. Your torpedo can be easily evaded 2. You have no cover at all except your smokes. Fight in tight area, and if any stupid BB decided to come to a tight area, have fun :D


Trading sometimes win you game. If you can trade a Top tier Battleship for your own life, your team will appreciate your help.


- In Close quarters with another DD and you think he's going to launch torpedoes? Try to get as close as possible (Wut Why?). Torpedo had Fuse time. If it's too close they will not detonate. Vice Versa.


- Spotting do not give you any reward in this current build. Your team will be benefited however. BTW, This game is all about damage and cap points. Going AFK will not only risk a ban/punishment, you get 0 XP as well.


- When evading torpedo, going towards them will allow you to freely move again faster. Going the way the torpedoes going will buy your enemy loads of time until the torpedo disappears. Still, Keeping yourself alive is the most important.


- WoWs is NOT World of Tanks. Being a 3000 WN8 Unicum does not make you good player in WoWs.


- Light tanks are not destroyers. Even the fastest ship takes minutes to travel half of the map.


- You cannot throw away teammates. You can Use them, but don't throw away them. WoWs is even more of a team game than WoT. Lone wolf in a DD Will get you killed.


Pop your smoke with care! Going forward cannot make your smoke cover you. Go Horizontally.


- Do you know hitting and killing a ship higher tier than you is more profitable? It works the same as WoT in this case.


- Destroyers are most dangerous in a late-close game. Know how French Autoloaders works in WoT? Similarly for destroyers.


- No matter how bottom tier you are, you are still a DD. An Alive Tier 2 DD is Always more useful than even a dead Tier 10 Destroyer.


- Don't think you can pop in and out to take shots like in WoT! Even a DD take some time to accelerate. You're a dead meat if you stopped.


- Ramming teammates sometime help them to dodge torpedo. (You can stop the guy with a T-shape ram) DDs as a agile ship is pretty good at this. (Crucial situation only!)


- Don't run into enemy smoke unless necessary! You will get some nasty surprise (Torpedo and Ghost ships).


- Worry about Dive bombers! They will set you on fire and can hit you even with extreme movements.


- Use HE. Your guns don't really punch that hard. With the 4th skill (+3% fire chance), you can burn some stuff up. Unless you see some tunnel visioning running in a straight line Cruisers of course. Take your time for a citadel hit then.


- Mind your movements! You can get stuck with those tight moves. Your're dead meat if you are stuck. If that really happens, pop smoke to buy yourself some time trying to get out.


Don't RUN OFF! Yes you are fast and nimble, and it is good to cap a point quickly at the start of a domination match, but careful with that! Your team can't help you if you are too far. After all this is a team game.


- Speaking of team game, talk with you team. Try to get them to co-operate. This massively boost your win chance. Especially if you find a DD friend, some wolf packing on whatever type of ship is fun :playing:


- CV can kill you. They have secondary 5 inch guns as well. If they manage to ram you, you will die and they may not. Careful with CVs.


- Randomly change speed and rudder at times. Even sometimes a destroyer will get surprise torpedoed.


- Although most CA's do not have good ROF (except Des Monies), CL's are the most horrible enemies of you. Cleveland and Atlanta as well as 6 inch gun Mogami are EXTREMELY lethal to DDs. Avoid them unless necessary. Same for both USN and IJN DDs. Watch out for IJN Cruisers' torpedo as well.


Thats all for now. Will edit the post when I think there's stuff to say. 

Action Stations! See you in World of Torpe....No Warships! :honoring:


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