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Introducing your Community and GM Team

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Hello, captains,


We would like to introduce you to the World of Warships Community and Game Master Team.


This is a list of Wargaming Employees and player Forum and Game Moderators for your reference.


World of Warships Producer: Hisashi.




Conan - WG staff + Potato

hoha5432 - Taiwan Community Specialist

IronGuard - Head of Community Team

Ladygrey_JP - Japan Community Specialist

LiquidSnake - Community Coordinator + Game Master

Spotter - Game Master Lead + SuperTest Manager + Local IT (PH) + Mashed Potato







AALG - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

amade - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

Centurion_IRL - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

Chappo - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

dead_man_walking - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

Elite911 - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

LenGXV6 - Senior Forum/Game Moderator.

Madiba127 - Forum/Game Moderator.

Noppers - In Training Moderator.

Nugster - Forum Moderator.

Syanda - Forum Moderator/Game Moderator.

tc1259 - Forum/Game Moderator.

Twisted0ne - Forum/Game Moderator.

ADM_Dude - Senior Forum/Game Moderator

TheAzure - Forum Moderator/Game Moderator.

teysanook - Forum Moderator/Game Moderator.




karasuma3476 - Japanese Forum Moderator.

nero_claudius - Japanese Forum Moderator.

Siryu_99MPH - Japanese Forum Moderator.




DarkDH_NicoNicoNi - Taiwan Forum Moderator

FuLuSo - Taiwan Forum Moderator


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