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Sticking together

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I am a new player. Have been trying battleships a go. My thoughts are to stick with the main fleet or die. However i am so slow and the cruisers and destroyers just run off and leave me unprotected vs aircraft. I cant keep up with the smaller boats and get isolated. Its almost making me give up on the big guys. Yeah i know "pubbies". But am putting this here so that others may see this and at least think ok i will slow down a bit for the benefit of everyone. 

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That depends on which nations BBs your playing with,


USN's BBs are slow (20-25 knots) all the way to tier 8(27knots) and have a short firing distance but have powerful armour, more guns and better much AA, they also turn pretty tight 


IJN's BBs are mostly quick for there type (25-30 knots) and a long firing distance but have less armour, less guns and ok AA 


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