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In the name of all that is holy.

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Can we have all ships that are first of their class. *aka Langley for us CV* Not be utter pieces of garbage? Or can they get "premium" matchmaking where they'll only see ships of their class!


I'm sick of being in a "starter" ship only to get roflstompped by a ship of the same class in the next tier. THAT War Gamming is how you get unhappy gamers and as you CEO said in an interview at Tankfest your company strives for happy games. Well then War gaming MAKE us happy.


Tier 4 USN CV Langley needs to be buffed. It either get's an extra fighter wing and planes to fully stock it or more planes to restock the current set up it has.


The lower tier BB's need to have their dispersion looked at. They are way to unforgiving for tier 3-4.


USN and IJN DD's need their HE un-nerfed.


And can you raise the priority of the blue line hugging exploit fix. you'll lose players from that and less players=less money.

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