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Movement and Firing Delay Issue(s)

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Every time I play using either a destroyer, a cruiser, or a battleship, I'm getting this <= (less than or equal to) 1 second delay on my ship and on my enemies' movements. It's like, they're hitting me accurately, but I'm not even landing a scratch on them. Before I took my sweet time on vacation more than a month ago, this wasn't an issue. But it became one, when I come back from inactivity some few weeks ago. 


The thing is, this less than one second delay ruins my entire gameplay whenever I shoot or being shot at using the said ships, but it's not an issue on an aircraft carrier (because torpedo and bomb hits are automated, not being triggered by the user, and I see no problems maneuvering my cv every time I evade things flying from the sky). Whenever I see my ship being shot at, moments before it's completely destroyed, shells from the enemy are firing ahead from my current position, yet they still hits. And after the shells land, I see my ship on a position I'm suppose to be a second later from my current position. 


(in case you can't understand that explanation) To put it on a perspective, X knows Y's actual position, and Y also knows X's position, but whenever Y fires on its perspective of where X is, Y can't land a hit. But if X tries to fire on Y, it hits accurately. 


Game is running on spikes between 27-60 fps, lag between 70-140 ms on a normal gameplay

Laptop specs will be added upon response. If someone will ask if I tried some troubleshooting, yes I did, except for two things; checking for missing files manually, and reinstalling the game.


PS: screenshots will be added soon. let me play first. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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