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Divisions allow players who know each other to join up and play together in the same match. Up to three players can join up together and play on the same team in matches.


There's some restrictions, though. You can't have more than one aircraft carrier in a division for balance reasons. Also, when a division enters a battle, the matchmaker considers the most powerful unit in the division for matchmaking purposes. So if you are in a tier 4 ship, and partner up with a tier 6, the tier 4 ship will be pulled up into matches that a tier 6 ship will see.


At the moment, divisions aren't working too well - there's a game-breaking bug related to them, so I suggest avoiding it for the time being.

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I still have fun with a friend or 2, we help them gain xp quicker, and work out strategies usually to assist our team that "Yolo'd" into enemy warships and typical without killing anything, died.

Unless your running all cruisers setup, stick to ships that best support each other; e.g; Destroyers and cruisers, battleships and carriers, or battleships and cruisers. Destroyers and battleships are so different that having them stick together would be pointless. 

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