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Random Battle needs filtering

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I have been playing for some time now off and on and one thing I have noticed is that Cruisers in particular are not much fun in high tier randon battles. A tier 10 cruiser is really just target practice for what is almost always a game mainly consisting of battle ships. Tier 10 games are played with most players sitting back waiting for someone to be game, or stupid enough to make a move inside everyones firing range. Cruisers are at a definite disadvantage as they don't have the firing range and armer to be able to compete against what is almost always more battleships than anything else. Frankly I find tier 10 Random battles boring, everyone sitting out of firing range waiting for someone to try sneak in. I prefer to play cruisers but feel they are very much useless in random battles. I can do well with tier 10 battleships and normally end up with a good haul of XP and credits, destroyers I find I can have a bit of fun but mostly just break even with them. But cruisers I find are just sitting ducks. 

I would like to hear what people think of having a filter of some sort for random battles, where we can select to include battle ships or not. It seems that mostly there would be enough players to allow for a filter like that without it effecting the waiting time to sort out players for each game. It would mean allowing for 2 different random game types, with or without battle ships. It would likely mean that with battleships included there would be very few cruisers and maybe even players with destroyers would prefer to not have battleships as well. But as it is random battles, which should be the go to part of the game, very much favours battleships.

Or maybe they could restrict the amount of battleships in a filtered game. Say no more than 2 or 3 battleships which is actually more like real life battles. 

I feel something needs to be done to open the random battle type of game up to people who want to battle other players using ships other than battleships.

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