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[0.3.1.x][MOD]ModPak "Darkside" - exlusive mods from RU-server for SW, ST fans and other.

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May the Force be with you, young Padawans:P

At first, English isn't my native language, thath's why I wanna say


I want to introduce to you modpack by RU-team Darkside. It includes famous popular mods from different servers and themed mods for fans of Star Wars, Star trek and My Little Pony.


Now everyone can create his own crosshair!

1. To install clever mods by Kvalme

2. To create your own crosshair screen in graphics editor. (PNG-file)

3. To put the file into the folder res_mods\0.3.1\gui\flash\images

4. To rename your file "clever_mod_by_Kvalme.png"

5. Profit!

List of mods

1. Clever mods by Kvalme.(Transparent minimap with name of ships; rangefinder; customisable crosshair);  

a. With crosshair by _zav_(Based on crosshair screen by Hootorez).;            
b. With crosshair «Eye of Sauron» (by Hootorez).;   
c. With crosshair SHARK v1 (by atmaxx).;      

d. With crosshair SHARK v5 (by atmaxx).;            
e. With crosshair «Choice of AIatriste» (by Hootorez).;            
f. With crosshair Tic-Tac (by Hootorez).;            
g. With default crosshair.;            
h. With crosshair Tic-Tac-Butterfly (by Hootorez).;        
+ Eye of Sauron (for every crosshair).;  
2. Gun marker by _zav_.; 
3. Informative ship icons.;              
a. Icons by Flexagon_1(based on icons from Tikia).  
b. Icons by AutoSpy.;              
c. Euphonium Icon от GoldenTime.  
4. Clever minimap by Kvalme.;                
5. Deleting of fog + light sky.;      
6. Training room.;               
7. Ports.;                        
a. Light port.;                        
b. Space port 
8. Login screen by Flexagon_1     
a. StarWars.;                     
b. StarTrek.;                  
c. MLP.;                    
9. Battle-loading screen by Flexagon_1
a. StarWars.;                 
b. StarTrek.;                    
10. Quests by Flexagon_1 
a. StarWars.;                    
b. StarTrek.;                     
11. Commanders.;         
a. StarWars by Flexagon_1.;             
b. StarTrek by Flexagon_1.;                     
c. MLP by MajorRenegade.;                  
12. Ship-flag.;        
a. StarWars.;                  
b. StarTrek.;              
13. Equipment.;      
a. StarWars.;                     
b. MLP by MajorRenegade.;                    
c. Neon(by Mebius_LW).;               
d. Sun(by Mebius_LW).;                  
14. UI-mod.;    
a. 1920х1080.(by XoX_Bowser_XoX).;                      
b. 1440х900           
c. 1366х768.;             
d. 1600х900.;      

Previews of mods




If you wanna to support this project:





RU-version of ModPack

Live long and prosper!

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