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WoWs version of the Marks of Excellence

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I heard that WoT has a system to display the superior performance, called the honor mark, for each car individually.


I wonder if this could be implemented in WoWs as well.
Not the emblem one. I've heard that the system is very good, but I'm not sure if it can be implemented in WoWs.
This time, I propose to display each ship individually.


Where and how, however, may be difficult due to the camouflage system. ......


For example, there is a kill mark on the bridge of the ship.  It is an image that I think a lot about from a Japanese point of view. ......


USS Bowfin

USS Melvin

USS Cabot

Not a kill count display like this one.
something like the number of lines circling the barrel of a WoT gun.
I would like to see something to display the number of kills for all types of ships.

I hope you can implement something that can display the number of lines circling the barrel of any type of ship.


Even in modern times, this is not a warship but a patrol boat, but it shows a plate...

Patrol vessel いなさ

Like this.
Incidentally, this is the Japan Coast Guard Commissioner's Commendation for the "Kyushu Southwest Sea Area Operator Incident" that occurred on December 22, 2001, and the first time the Japan Coast Guard has received a subcommendation.
This is the first "Director General's Commendation Plate" given to the Japan Coast Guard as a supplementary prize.


The bridge of the ship seems to be a safe choice, but what about somewhere else, even if not the bridge?
If it is the main gun, it cannot be displayed on an aircraft carrier and a submarine.


I think it will be motivating for each individual ship.

There are probably a lot of people who want to master a particular ship.

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Hopefully it depends on the Ribbons you get. Like each ribbon your ships gets kill marks on certain enemy ships in both Coop and Random Battles.

Especially for spotting targets, Aircraft shot down and Coastal installations destroyed 

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Wot MoE are based on the sum of assisted (the higher of spotting or tracking damage) and actual damage, calculated over your last 100 battles then compared to the server performance in the same tank over the last 14 days.

1 mark was in the top 35%, 2 marks was the top 15% and three marks was the top 5%.

Could be pretty easy to sum up spotting, AA plus damage. I'd throw in tanked as well cause its doing good things for your team. There is no real equivalent for tracking damage in WoWS, maybe you got some bonus for forcing a DCP and any DoT damage which others caused within a certain time.

Marking does make people do marking optimal things in battle so its not all smiles having it in the game, ie not winning cause there is more damage to farm.

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