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This is a complete section of a conversation, unedited and unadulterated except for the necessary names blanked out for anonimity (except mine because I posted it). The unnamed/unhashed comments were made by a proCV player. Interpret at own risk. This should be interesting read for our resident anti-CV gang. It is rather a TL;DR fyi.

Replies should be kept civil and I am not going to comment out of attempting to be neutral.


[27-Aug-22 01:04 PM] Flanking does jackshit in a CV match
[27-Aug-22 01:13 PM] #8752
sort of, if you're good you can divert the CVs attention
also gotta do it differently
[27-Aug-22 01:17 PM] diverting a CVs attention isn't that effective if its gonna kill you in 2 minutes anyway
[27-Aug-22 01:41 PM] #8752
if I don't potato I can usually double+ that
[27-Aug-22 01:42 PM] #8752
so they usually give up
I'm talking agile flankers here, not sluggish types
[27-Aug-22 01:43 PM] #8752
and 9/10ths of it is positioning to make it more difficult, not yolo on my own
[27-Aug-22 01:51 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
<slaps a huge sticker called DECOY>
[27-Aug-22 04:36 PM] Only works against idiot cvs
[27-Aug-22 04:36 PM] And they usually are idiots
[27-Aug-22 04:38 PM] #8752
even not idiots...
biggest issue I tend to have is Midway HEDBs... the turn on those friggen things
[27-Aug-22 04:38 PM] So that works only by the general stupidity of the cv player
[27-Aug-22 04:39 PM] A good cv player will recognize the danger you form
[27-Aug-22 04:39 PM] And absolutely focus you to hell and beyond
[27-Aug-22 04:39 PM] And if you don’t have ample support yr done
[27-Aug-22 04:39 PM] #8752
you say this but I've done it against unicums before too...
although making one mistake is punished
[27-Aug-22 04:39 PM] #8752
yes, happens a lot
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] Even if they dont kill you
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] I could just line the torpedoes in such a way that you are forced to turn around
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] Or eat them
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] #8752
it's worth my time
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] And thus majorly delay your flanking attemp
[27-Aug-22 04:40 PM] While my bow in teammates keep munching
[27-Aug-22 04:41 PM] #8752
you are missing the point of the term methinks...
I'm not talking about pushing and I don't flank THAT wide in a good CV match
[27-Aug-22 04:41 PM] Then u are misusing the term flanking on an epic scale
[27-Aug-22 04:41 PM] #8752
[27-Aug-22 04:41 PM] #8752
I'm on the flank of the group
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] #8752
providing a wider angle of fire
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] That ain’t flanking, that s just camping on the fringes
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] Instead of the center
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] S4pp3R#8752
well I disagree, and will leave this discussion there
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] Flanking is moving uo so you are 90deg right or left, but anyways
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] In tht pos
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] You would be even more vulnerable
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] Way more
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] Cause less space to move around
[27-Aug-22 04:42 PM] just hump the border 😔
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] Please do
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] then no one can hit you
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] Makes lining up hak torp drops way easier
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] And my planes bounce back
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] Have fun
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] A cv player that lets itself get baited
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] Is not a good cv player
[27-Aug-22 04:43 PM] If you do it right playijg solo
[27-Aug-22 04:44 PM] 70-80% wr at least is possible in that class
[27-Aug-22 04:44 PM] And some have done more
[27-Aug-22 04:46 PM] So i really don’t see any of that working versus a good cv player
[27-Aug-22 04:47 PM] The only thing working agaibst a cv is positioning in such a way that your teammates look like more attractive targets while you are the real threat
[27-Aug-22 04:47 PM] let's face it, nothing works against a good cv player
[27-Aug-22 04:51 PM] Tell me about it lol
[27-Aug-22 04:51 PM] With that difference i use(d) to be the cv
[27-Aug-22 04:52 PM] So it was hilarious to see people twist and turn while you hold them in a stranglehold
[27-Aug-22 04:52 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
all cv players need to be paired with equivalent cv players and only high PR players as the rest of the team >>
[27-Aug-22 04:53 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
that would solve a lot of problems >_>
[27-Aug-22 05:06 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
but of course, weegee needs cannon fodder
[27-Aug-22 05:06 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
so they don't implement the sane changes to MM
[27-Aug-22 05:16 PM] just fyi 'unicums' by pr might not actually be good
[27-Aug-22 05:16 PM] see: top tier, flambass
[27-Aug-22 05:18 PM] it wouldn't
[27-Aug-22 05:18 PM] because CVs:
A) aren't designed to counter each other
B) counter everything else
C) are almost literally the hand of god
[27-Aug-22 05:25 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
Yes it would
[27-Aug-22 05:25 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
because it would put all the good players together and let them suffer and complain
[27-Aug-22 05:25 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
and prove what we have been saying for ages is correct
[27-Aug-22 05:26 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
supposedly "cv rework" was designed to "reduce the skill difference". Well, hell it didn't and it just made the player base much more toxic
[27-Aug-22 05:27 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
as I see it, the cv "skill gap" is just as bad and it has overflowed into the other classes.
[27-Aug-22 05:28 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
just look at how all the cv players justify it is a broken class. I don't even have to lift a finger to find evidence
[27-Aug-22 05:29 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
RTS CV when you screwed up whether you were a skilled player or not, you paid the price by not having any more striking power
[27-Aug-22 05:29 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
and look at the asw for cv incoming
[27-Aug-22 05:29 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
basically the entire class doesn't have a weakness except for i) the player is a complete idiot and ii) your team are complete idiots
[27-Aug-22 05:32 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
it is so hard for me to remain unbiased and not join the anti-cv camp when the cv players literally burn their defence by proving the prosecution with the ammunition they need.
[27-Aug-22 05:42 PM] You’ve literally just proven my point
[27-Aug-22 05:43 PM] And as a CV player I never defended CVs
[27-Aug-22 05:43 PM] So not only have you proven me correct, you’ve also proven yourself wrong
[27-Aug-22 05:43 PM] If all you’re gonna do is bitch about it and rant then I’m out
[27-Aug-22 05:45 PM] #8752
I see their stats in that ship... I meant what I said.
I only really struggle if I'm not paying attention early and position accordingly, or if it's the top, top tier players, the top 0.5-1%
NB: I'm talking about in particular - flankers. I just play them no where near as wide so if I see the CV is targeting me, or focusing our side of the map; I play closer to allied contingent
I'm not saying that being focused is fine, or that I'll have a great damage game, but I can stay alive for ages and waste their time; freeing up allies to hopefully do something with that time
[27-Aug-22 05:46 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
thank you for proving me correct
[27-Aug-22 05:47 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
you are just practically saying that you gank player for the lols
[27-Aug-22 05:47 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
and are proud of it
[27-Aug-22 05:47 PM] dejiko_nyo#9724
for that I applaud you.



Edited by dejiko_nyo

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Yeah, this is why RTS CVs need to come back :fish_aqua:(I will take anything as a reason for RTS CVs to come back)

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