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more scernario modes

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Even though I love playing random battles,  I'm starting to feel bored of playing random battles and started to crave shooting brainlessly at bots in coop or scenario modes.

In relation to that, I noticed there were also players who enjoy coop and scnenarios, yet there were only t6 and t7 scenario modes (t8 near future).

So, I wish there were more scenarios at t8, t9, and t10.

My suggestion here is WG to make a scenario mode with a fantasy taste.

This is the scenario mode, in which players have to fight against sea monsters or aliens with enormous amount of hit points (like 10 million or 25 million or even more. it can be as ridiculus as possible to be honest), and these sea monsters have different chatacteristics, e.g., some have weakness against, AP, HE, or torps, or if there were some flying monsters, then, it would be advantagesous to play ships with heavy AA.

Despite the fact that the concept of the game mode is simple, making the mode difficult to accomplish in a way that players have to plan their choices and combination of ships to make the team effective or strong otherwise they fail, the mode could have a potential of becoming a different kind of enjoyment of the game. 

Thank you for your attention.

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