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Team Killing

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Just had my first run in with a player [content removed] trying to kill this game! 

Game loads in I start to move forward in my Battleship (New york class) and i get hit by full broadside barrage from player on my team! My ship starts burning I lose 5500+ hp had to use both my repair and health fix. He blame lag! How the [content removed] dose lag cause a ship not one minute into the game to turn to a broad side then aim and smack a battleship for 5500+ damage!

I in return put one HE shell in to his flank for 400 damage and tell him to P%$# Off. A few seconds latter he unloads torpedos point blank over half my health gone! he then turns puts another torpedo salvo in me and i'm dead less then 2 minutes in and he has done over 49,000 and killed me.


Game mods I post this here in the hope that the [content removed] has his beta access removed.





Friendly Fire and Team Kills are now handled automatically by the game. Please do not retaliate or you will be caught by the system yourself.

Naming and shaming, profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user warned.



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Remove the guy's name from your post. Naming and shaming is against the forum rules.


If you need action taken against a teamkiller, PM a moderator (red and yellow names) and they'll handle it.


As a final piece of advice, there is no justification for intentionally damaging your own teammates. Them hitting you first is not considered a justifiable reason for you to shoot back, unless they're intending to kill you.

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