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Ban Afk Ship from Ranked and Random

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How many times have you met afk ship(s) in random or ranked, especially ranked?
Ranked is supposed to be the most competitive match, and it can simply be ruined by a ship that is AFK.

My definition of AFK:
1. Not moving from its spot for first 1 minute of the game fo ranked and 2 minutes of the game for random.
2. Excluding point 1, not doing any activities (shooting, turning turret, moving) for 5 minutes.

My concept:
1. Make the AFK player get auto-cooldown from Ranked. First warning is 30 minutes cooldown, second warning is 2 hours cooldown, 3rd warning is 1 day cooldown, 4th warning is 3 days cooldown, 5th warning is 1 week cooldown, final warning is 1 sprint cycle cooldown.
2. The cooldown resets each cycle
3. If the player gets total of 10 warning in 3 cycles, it will be banned for 1 year from ranked.
4. For random, since it is not that competitive: first warning is only warning, second warning is 30 minutes cooldown, third warning is 1h cooldown, fourth warning is 2h cooldown, fifth warning is 3h cooldown.
5. The cooldown for random is reset each server cycle

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