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Does the Graff Zepplin need changes?

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Hi Devs, 

I realise the Graff Zepplin is one of the most changed ships in the game, however I wanted to ask a few questions / offer suggestions about some of it's features. 

Increase in plane speed for Rocket planes?

Since the introduction of the pause before rocket planes can fire their rockets, the rockets on all CVs have become mostly ineffective against DDs, (there are some exceptions at T10 when the 20+ rockets of some carriers will probably hit something due to the quantity fired) however for a ship like the Graff Zepplin, the rockets are now much better suited for attacking Cruisers and lighting fires on Battleships (and usually miss DDs). As the target for the rocket planes has changed as a result of the rocket rework can a review be done of whether the plane speed for these can be increased to match the GZ's other planes please, there is no longer a need for them to be slower to attack DD's as they are not useful for that anymore. (unfortunately the GZ does not have an effective attack against DDs rt now [except her guns], torpedoes are probably the best chance but very easy to dodge due to low speed)  

Alignment of secondary range with same tier tech tree Carrier?

Is there a good reason why the GZ's secondary armament range is less than the August Parseval? Following the removal of the IHFE commander skill for carriers the effectiveness of the secondaries has decreased substantially anyway.

Visibility of the GZ - alignment with the same tier tech tree Carrier?

Is there a good reason why the visibility of the GZ is much higher than the Parseval? This forces players to spend commander points and equipment slots on visibility decreases at the expense of other skills greatly decreasing the effectiveness of the carrier.

Bomb options?

Please offer the same HE bombs as on the Tier 6 Erich Loewenhardt as an alternate bomb armament for players, the AP bombs extremely difficult to get good results from and players may prefer the same playing style as the Loewenhardt, in the interests of balance, the bombs per attack / damage / fire chance / dispersion should not be changed / improved over the T6 carrier.

Torpedo speed increase?

Unfortunately at tier 8 and 10 many 35kts torpedoes can be dodged even by battleships, is there a case for increasing the torpedo speed to 40 kts as a balancing change given the newer faster French fast ships (and many others) now in the game?


I realise I have asked many questions here, if there is only scope for one change please kindly consider the additional bomb option please.


Additional comment:

Alternatively you could just change the attack groups of bombers and rocket planes to 3 sets of 3 aircraft and buff the speed of the rocket planes

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