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Missing player submarine data in the API

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Two years ago, I posted about missing data in the API. For example, SAP and air defense information are missing from the encyclopedia. However, this is no longer a problem because there are tools to unpack game data. 

The main problem now is that player submarine and rank data are missing. This means that many websites and apps won't show any information about submarine. This might not be great moving forward when submarine is officially added to the tech tree. As I stated before, I don't know how challenging it is to add rank and clan battles back. However, for submarines, could it be just adding a new class if it is sharing everything all other ship types have.

Overall, I am grateful if we can have some updates on the API, and I can offer my help if needed. 

Missing values in the official API - Bug Reports - World of Warships Official Asia Forums

API Status - WoWS Stats & Numbers - ASIA (wows-numbers.com)

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