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World of Warships - Suggestions

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World of Warships - Suggestions

Hello, Wargaming!

Grey_Hood from ASIA server here. I have a few suggestions for implementing in-game. I do hope they are helpful. Great job so far :)!

United States:

Battleships -

VIII - North Carolina > South Dakota VIII - Kansas > Kansas

IX - Iowa > North Carolina IX - Minnesota > Montana
X - Montana > Iowa X - Vermont > Vermont


Addition to US battleship line 2 -

IV Florida (the dreadnought one, not the Premium design project one)

V Pennsylvania/Tennessee (or any of them could be at Tier VI)

VI West Virginia

VII Nevada/New Mexico (or any of them could be at Tier VI)

VIII Kansas and so on … (IX Montana and X Vermont)


Destroyers -

In addition to the already full branch of USN destroyers, these ones might also arouse great interest:


VII Porter (separating from original line)

VIII Gleaves

IX Allen M. Sumner

X Bagley/X Gridley (with one of them being Premium and the other in the tech tree)


Aircraft Carriers -

Here, in addition to the present US aircraft carriers, a new branch of fleet carriers and another of light carriers (new to the game) would be an amazing update!:


Fleet Carriers -

IV Independence

VI Wasp

VIII *Saratoga* (Premium)

VIII Yorktown 

X Essex


Light/Escort Carriers -

IV Bogue

VI Casablanca/VI Charger (with one of them being Premium and the other in the tech tree) 

VIII Commencement Bay

X Sangamon 

United Kingdom:

Premium Ships -

These two Premium cruisers and a carrier (Malta) for the Royal Navy will further enhance the navy’s dominant strength and number!:

  1. VI *Ajax*

  2. VII *York*

  3. X *Malta* 

Aircraft Carriers -

Here, in addition to the present UK aircraft carriers, a new branch of slightly smaller carriers (new to the game) would be an amazing update! These ships would be perfectly ideal in providing support and reconnaissance:


IV Argus

VI Colossus

VIII Courageous

X Illustrious


Premium ships -

  1. The SMS Thüringen was a dreadnought battleship of the Helgoland class. She participated during the Battle of Jutland and was scrapped during the years 1923-33. It would make a great Tier III Premium battleship in the game! 

  2. The L20e a design project was a project for a battleship with 8x 17 inch guns, approved in 1917. But Germany’s declining war situation meant that they were never completed. At Tier IX, these warships could be most dominant over enemy battlecruisers.

  3. H-44 was a monstrous design project for a battleship to be equipped with 8 20  inch (508 mm) guns, but construction never started due to the outbreak of World War II. (This could also be a supership instead of Hannover)

  4. SMS Seydlitz was the only ship of her class of WWI-era battlecruisers armed with 10x 11 inch guns along with high speed for her type and tier (28+ knots). She was scuttled in Scapa Flow harbor in 1919 and raised in 1928. She was later scrapped. At Tier IV or V, she would make an excellent competitor against cruisers of the same- and higher-tiers.

  5. The Ersatz Yorck-class were originally ordered as Mackensen-class battlecruisers but in 1917 were ordered to be fitted with 8x 15 inch guns instead of the Mackensens’ 13.8 inch ones. Their funnels were also to be modified to two instead of one. Only the lead ship, Ersatz Yorck, was ever laid down, but none of them were ever completed. They are best fitted at Tier VIII.

  6. The O-class were another design project designated to carry six 15 inch guns in 3 twin mounts, and were to be used as commerce raiders. However, due to the outbreak of WWII, as in many cases, these ships were never completed. These battlecruisers are best placed at Tier VII.

  7. The P1 - P12 projects were a series of heavy cruiser design projects approved by the Kriegsmarine high command prior to WWII. The ships’ armament consisted of 6x 11 inch guns and a maximum speed of 33 knots. The “D” and “E” were also similar designs, but they each had speeds of up to 29 knots. These ships were all canceled before the war. They would perform best at Tier VII (Graf Spee, with same armament, sits at Tier VI, while due to their higher speed and some other minor characteristics, these come at VII).

  8. The Möwe class destroyers were built for the Reichsmarine during the 1920s and played a somewhat minor part during the Norwegian campaign. They boasted six powerful triple torpedo launchers and 3x single 4.1 inch guns. They are best put at Tier V.

  9. The B-97 class torpedo boats served with the Imperial German Navy during WWI. They had six 19.7 inch torpedo tubes and 4x 3 inch guns. They perform best at Tier II or III.


Russia/Soviet Union:

Premium ship -

Arkhangelsk was originally the Royal Navy battleship HMS Royal Sovereign, loaned to the USSR in 1944 and returned back in 1949 in a poor condition due to Italy giving USSR the Giulio Cesare as war reparations. Best performance stands out at Tier VII. She has 8x 15 inch guns but very poor top speed of up to 21 knots.



Aircraft Carriers -

In addition to the existing branch of Japanese Carriers, the new branch is much more extensive and is best suited for an offensive role:


IV Chiyoda (Chitose-class)

VI Shōhō

VIII Sōryū/VIII Hiryū (with one of them being Premium and the other in the tech tree)

X Shinano (Third Yamato-class Battleship, converted to CV from half-completed hull in 1942)



Aircraft Carrier - Sparviero (Never completed)

Cruiser - Bolzano (Unique cruiser; Trento-class)



These Pan-European Destroyers are a further addition to the already-existing branch. Primarily consisting of Yugoslav, Polish and Swedish ships, these destroyers can best participate as hybrid-destroyers, combining the use of artillery and torpedoes.

Destroyers -

II Arno (also known as Liz)

III Ragnar (WWI)

IV Ehrensköld 

V Göteborg

VI Wicher

VII Dubrovnik

VIII Piorun
IX Douro

X Lepanto (Spanish destroyer)



Premium Ships -

These Pan-American ships were primarily from the Brazilian, Chilean and Argentine navies, designed and built usually in the United States or European countries, primarily the UK.


  1. Almirante Latorre was the lead ship of her class of two dreadnought battleships built for the Chilean Navy by the British. The ships were obtained back by the Royal Navy and the second ship, Almirante Cochrane was converted to an Aircraft Carrier (HMS Eagle) later. She would do best at Tier VII or VIII. She boasts 10x 14 inch guns and 4x underwater 21 inch torpedo tubes.

  2. Rivadavia was the representative of the Argentine entry into the Dreadnought race. She was lead ship of her class of two dreadnought battleships built for the Argentine Navy during the years 1910-15 by the United States. She fits best at Tier IV or V, for she boasts 12x 12 inch guns and 2x 21 inch underwater torpedo tubes.

  3. Minas Geraes was the lead ship of her class of two battleships built for the Brazilian Navy in the 1900s (counting by decades). The ship performs best when at Tier IV. She has 12x 12 inch guns and a powerful secondary battery.


Other Suggestions:

This brings us to the end of new ship branches’ and Premiums’ suggestions. I would, however, like to add two other miscellaneous suggestions that might help. 🙂


Fire getting doused by rain: Thunderstorms happen quite often in World of Warships, but when a ship is on fire and a thunderstorm is coming, one could have the fire doused quicker than usual, without the usage of Damage Control Party. This is just so that one could have an advantage against HE spammers during battle, and for a more exciting play.


Allies and Central/Axis Powers: There can be either a new permanent battle mode, “Random & Co-op battles: Teams” or a Random & Co-op battle rework. Ships of or below Tier V could be teamed as Allies vs Central Powers, as the ships in those Tiers are usually pre- or World War I-era ships. The Allies team would consist of the UK, the US, Pan-America, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, France, and USSR/Russia. The Central Powers team could consist of Germany, Pan-Europe (because of Austria-Hungary) and Pan-Asia.

Speaking about World War II - Tiers VI and higher. They’d consist of Allies and the Axis teams. The Allies - the UK, the US, France, Pan-America, USSR, Pan-Asia, Netherlands and Pan-Europe. The Axis team would consist of Germany, Italy and Japan.

But what if those Tiers get mixed up (for example - VI and V)? We can have the AI decide randomly which one - WWII or WWI-era to choose, and the result - depending upon that.

Now, if there is a rework to the entire Co-op and Random Battle system, then there’s not much to worry about. If the other option is chosen, the present Co-op & Random Battles could remain how they are, and the new mode could be as mentioned above.


X-Ray System in Previews and in Port: While in Port, players may be able to enable an “X-Ray” feature, allowing them to view what’s inside the ship, where ammunition was stored, where engines are etc. This could also be possible in World of Tanks and Warplanes, and since I don’t know where to find the “Suggestions” tab in either of those forums, it would be great if somehow WoWs could convey it to WoT and WoWP.


That’s all :),

Thank you for regarding these suggestions. I won’t be surprised if none of them are actually implemented, but anyways, thank you!

With Regards, 

Grey_Hood, ASIA Server


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I had some more suggestions left :)

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