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With this much pew...

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*Right eye flickers furiously*

Et tu Max?

Nah, do what you want, its your time and credits. 😉


May major annoyance is that as a collector, it just adds another layer of things I have to collect, all of a sudden, my finished lines are incomplete! (I admit, I have slight obsessive tendencies).

There are a great many things I already concede when it comes to collecting, dockyard ships, CVs, and most premium ships being the main ones.

As some of you may know, my goal for years (One I admit I will probably never complete) is to unlock the Tech Tree T10's of every Surface Ship of Every Nation. The inclusion of the Superships undermines that, as in my mid, its kind like stopping at T9.

So, for my brain to be satisfied, its best for me to consider these ships as 'Optional' and therefore ignore them completely.

This is helped by the fact that A. Being twice as much as a regular T10, I cannot afford them anyway (I currently have 3 T10s unlocked on my waiting list to buy when I get the credits already), and B, I don't so much play T10 ships so much as I collect them, so spending 45M credits on something that will sit in my port is a waste.

So, ah.. I guess..., enjoy the superships but don't expect to see me sailing them?


This has been the mad ravings of a borderline high functioning autistic.

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Some musings on cost to play a Supership.

All in Coop.









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Wowsers, without that combat mission that would have been well into the red!

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