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Unassigned skill points redistribution transition broken

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So It has been a very very  long while since I have logged into World of Warships actively(last log in record was 06/06/2020 but the game was unplayable on my last computer because of the drivers and game updates ) and this really pissed me off, the last time was before  the most recent captain skills changes at the last captain skills changes , I distantly remembered most of the ships I have I had reset the skill points for all my ships to allow me to redistribute them when I logged in again but it took me a few years to get a new computer to even play the game again but why did all the ships  I had deliberately left almost all my ships with no skill points assigned have almost all of the skill points automatically distributed to the dumbest skills that I didn't choose. I spent some money already redistributing only my favorite ships but I am pissed to the point of permanently quitting at this point  as they ruined my Salem AA Build I wanted to do and gave it the dumbest  skills build with the cookie cutter auto builds.  How the heck to I get the game fixed ?

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