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carrier load outs

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any chance carriers could change load outs in game? Maybe they choose number of each type of aircraft (limited to what carrier holds) and during the game they could send out different squadrons, limited to the normal number but  changeable while planes of type exist,  so if carrier had 30 planes you could do 20 fighters and 10 torpbombers, or 5 fighters, 25 torp bombers etc... and send out the maximum number of squadrons as previously but limited to your remaining planes. This gives the carrier options to go out fighter heavy earlier and torp/bomber later depending on situation. I suggest this not as a carrier player(very seldom) but as a team player, I have been in games where one team has a carrier the other doesn't and if the single carrier has fighter loadout good luck, pretty much reduced to spotting. When you get the tier nine carrier with fighters and the enemy get a tier nine bb .. well you don't have to ring the psychic hotline to see where that game is headed :)    It would give carriers a much greater tactical flexibility and the captain some hard choices ...

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