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Japanese Battleship

薩摩 Satsuma





Class/Type: Satsuma Class Battleship

Displacement: 19683 tons

Length: 146.9 meters

Breadth: 25.5 meters

Shafts: 2

Engine: VTE, 20 Miyabara boilers

Power: 17300 h.p.

Top speed: 18.3 knots (33km/h)



2 - twin 12 in (305 mm) guns
6 - twin 10 in (254 mm) guns
12 - single 4.7 in (119 mm) guns
8 - single 3 in (76 mm) guns
5 - 18-inch (457 mm) torpedo tubes



Belt: 102mm - 229mm

Barbette: 178mm - 234mm

Turrets: 178mm - 229mm

Casemate: 152mm

Deck: 51mm

Conning Tower: 152mm



 The Satsuma class was ordered and built at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal in late 1904 under the 'War Naval Supplementary Program' during the Russo-Japanese War. She was laid down on 15th May 1905 and launched on 15th November 1906 but only to be commissioned on 25th March 1910. What makes the Satsuma class battleship unique is because Satsuma was the first battleship ordered from the Japanese shipyard along with battleship Aki. 

 Before the First World War began, Satsuma had quite a bad luck on her decks. During a practice shooting on 5th August 1911, one of her 12 inch gun failed and exploded resulting in a opened breech and ignited the propellant, causing 16 crewmen and officers dead by fire. She was also lightly damaged by a typhoon on 22th September 1912. (Storm before the calm maybe?)


When the First World War began, Satsuma was assigned to the 1st Battleship Squadron along with her sister ship, Aki on August 1914. She then later served as flagship in 2nd South Sea Squadron on October 1914, seizing Caroline and Pulau Islands from the German. She once again transferred back to the 1st Battleship Squadron in the 1915 and served under it for the rest of the war.


 Satsuma's career was relatively short. She was disarmed at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal in 1922 as per 'Washington Naval Treaty', where the nations that have won the 1st World War are to limit their naval construction to prevent arms race. She was official struck-off the naval list on 20th September 1923 and became a target ship.


Battleship Satsuma was sunk by Battleship Mutsu and Nagato at the Boso Peninsula on 7th September 1924.




7th September 1924

After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?


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Satsuma or more like Kawachi-class Battleship I still don't know :popcorn:wiki, wiki.....



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