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I need help with my sound MOD making.

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Is there any modding team, community or individual try making any kind of sound/voice MOD? Or having information about WoWS sound package file structure? Me and my modding team is now making custom Korean voice pack with woman voice. By the help of Wwise and couple of scripts, I've successfully extracted those voice ogg files of WoWS from the original res/audio file, but don't know how to repack it to *.bnk file. You know, WoWS have whole different type of sound package file unlike the WoT or WoWP's fsb/feb file, so there are no information on google about WoWS' bnk packaging method. Could I get some packaging solution with them through Wwise, or just an editing tool which can edit bnk files?


Duplicate. Thread locked.



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