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WG upper management must and should learn from Yoshi-P

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WG upper management must and should learn from Yoshi-P. The director and producer of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 14 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 16.



Final Fantasy 16 trailer was suppose to debut at around late 2021. However, due to covid-19, the success of Final Fantasy 14 (World of Warcraft exodus also had a huge role on this), and the chip (computer hardware) shortage, Final Fantasy 16 was delayed for more or less 6 months.

Not only Final Fantasy 16 was delayed, the sale of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker was also delayed, due to the chip shortage. They can not buy new server hardware to accommodate the influx of new and existing players.

Instead of throwing someone under the bus, Yoshi-P came out, took to the stage, and apologized to the fans, playerbase, community, and gamers that he failed to keep his promise.



Being humble, sympathy & empathy, and not let success, greed, & pride take over when making a decision.

Being honest, transparent, & sincere, and not let hidden agenda & hidden motives be the deciding factor over a decision.

Take responsibility of their action and not blame anyone (developers and / or customers) for their mistakes.

Apologize for the mistake and not cover up the mistake, blame others for the mistake, and / or let their pride & glory talk over the misteke. Players / customers will sympathize for being honest, truthful, and humble.
Scapegoating someone means nothing. Especially if the person who commited the mistake is still in his / her position, not punished, and not take full responsibility over his / her actions.

Never launch a half-baked game or patch. Instead, delay the launch. Fix the bugs and issues. This way, that players will get the best experience when playing the game or patch.
The better the player / customer experience of the game, the better the player / customer will play, patronize, and recommend the game. Word of mouth is still the most powerful way of advertising a product.


WG has been following EA's, ABK's, and Ubisoft's example, and we all see how well that turned out.

Meanwhile, Yoshi-P did the opposite of those and fans, playerbase, community, & gamers praise him & respect him for his actions.
Not only Yoshi-P got the praise and respect of the fans, playerbase, community, & gamers, but also from the people who works with him (developers, programmers, artists, QA testers, etc).

No amount of money or material things in the world can ever buy a person's praise and respect.
May it be the people who buys and consume the product or the people who makes the product.


Video clip from Yong Yea:


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To be fair, I wasn't joking when I said a Chinese company (Yostar) has much better management and community communication than WG- which affords AL nowhere near the amount of hate that WG regularly gets. You would expect the other society lambasted as authoritarian and anti-critic would be similarly terrible at this, but nope, they are miles ahead. Looks like they have something that doesn't exist in Russian/Eastern European societies.

WG works in strange ways, speaking from someone who's okay with their shenanigans (having played their games since 2012, beginning in WoT). All they had to do in the LWM incident was apologize and then go the extra mile to mend relations with her and prevent annoying her in the future. Instead, they went full blast and resulted in one of the darkest chapters of WOWS history. 

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