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Be nice to each other during the holiday

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Already seeing several posts and in game berating about how bad others are and the MM system etc etc.  I know not a new topic but how about everyone takes a second to think before they ruin someone else's day.  If your counter to that is that they ruin your day by sucking so much at the game remember a few key concepts.

  • Players have different abilities.  Respect that.
    • For me if I score 100k it is a really good game and I am very happy I managed to do that.  You might think that sucks but it is massive for me.  Respect that.
  • Players come in all shapes and sizes.  Respect that.
    • Some may be virtual pro gamers, some play only a few games a month.  Some might be 60 years old, some might be 12.  Almost none are going to think and act the same as you would like them to.  Respect that.
  • We are all on a bell curve.
    • Without the crap players you do not look so good.  The game would be harder for you and likely less populated meaning you wait longer to perform worse than you expected.
    • The bell curve works.  Most in the middle and a few very good and very bad.
  • You do not get it right all the time.  Respect others when they do not get it right.
    • I once had a 140k game and the very next game I was outta there 30 seconds after spotting the enemy.  Deleted.  I messed up, it happens.
  • I know it can be frustrating but no one goes into the game intending to be bad and hurt the team.  Respect that.
    • Today I was trying to achieve a CV achievement to finish off a campaign.  I really do not like playing as or against CVs, just not my thing.  Each game I called out at the start and said I was new to the class.  In one match I got a good reaction which basically said if I tried then that's all that could be expected.  Obviously in the heat of battle that was not enough and the player told me I did not try hard enough.  lol.  He played well so I gave him a +1 but he (and all of us) need to understand that I did what I could.  I am sorry it was not good enough for you but it was what I was capable of doing.

Finally, I view MM to be trying to implement a handicap system and trying to build a game with players on the bell curve.  A few bad, many average and a few good in each team.  It is not perfect but it is a tough thing to do without making people sit on the sidelines a long time waiting for the match to be perfect for them.  We do not and cannot choose who we get matched with.  Respect us if we do not match your expectations.

Have a fun time during the holiday and try to make the other players game fun as well.


ps.  Today in a co-op I had 3 kills and we were down to the enemy CV.  Me and a Bayern were in range of the CV.  He struggled all game so I called it and said the CV was his, I would not fire.  He was a terrible shot and kept missing from 12k out.  Eventually the game ended and the enemy CV lived.  I could have killed it but I had my fill that game and it did not hurt to let him feel good.  Our CV also stopped attacking the enemy CV, recognizing that it was better to let this guy learn and have some fun.  Not hard.


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