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Missions bug patch

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I'm guessing the area's displayed by red box, see attached image, are meant to display a ship type to complete the mission.


Dear War Gaming, can you guys please just stop.  Whatever you guys are doing that is not arts department related is not working.

The game continues to get more and more buggy since the CV rework of a couple of years back or so.

At the moments its virtually broken.


Moreover Im getting frustrated to the point of anger how the decision was made to turn the Public server into a test server.  ToS be damned!

ToS basically says like it or lump it.  But god dang it have some respect for the fools paying for your over priced store items who put food on your table and a roof over your head and stop F with us and the Public server.   This is why you have a Test server.   WG is making more than enough, get proper testers put it in the budget!!   

Im sorry if this makes you guys a little butt hurt, but not sorry because you're actually not helping the gaming by continually making it worse with more and more additions and increasing constant issues stacking, to the point where its at now.  No more Test on the Public server!!  Its your cash cow not your play pen!!


Have a nice day and a very Merry Christmas! 

Scuffed mission ship types.jpg

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