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Hot Fix: Testing and Bug Fixing

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If a plumber does a good job and you (WG) didn't notice the good job that plumber did, that just means you (WG) don't appreciate the plumber's good job.

You (WG) don't give them credit where credit is due.


Also, players would love you (WG) to fix the 200++ bugs in the game for the 4 weeks patch, rather than a 4 week event.

It is not because players get bored easily. It's because you (WG) who does not want to fix the bugs since you (WG) do not profit if there is no event.

Please do not blame the customer / players for your (WG) hidden motives / hidden intentions / hidden agenda.

Plus, players do not get bored because there is not enough event. Players get bored because there is too much repetitive tasks / combat missions in the game. Sometimes, they don't even get rewarded properly.

Games are suppose to be fun, relaxing, and immersive. Games are not a job, a grind, a chase and FOMO.


Finally, please don't joke anymore in these videos.

The company already has a very bad image in the eyes of the playerbase / community. Telling poor jokes does not make your image better.

I get it, you are trying your best to boost your image or show the playerbase / community how you work. But for the past 3 -4 years, your image is so bad that posting videos like these will make no difference, since the game itself is in a bad state.

Fix the game first. Then you can post videos once the game is in a positive state. What you are doing now is just making things worse.



I will always give credit where credit is due.


  • 2 × 30 seconds flooding instead of 1 × 90 seconds flooding.
  • Permanent premium consumables
  • AI in low tier games (T1 to T4)
  • Listening to player feedbacks (Though I wish you [WG] would listen more)
  • Achievement interface (We are angry that you [WG] removed the rewards though)

These are but a few I can mention.

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