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Battleship Modules

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So I've been wondering what equipment best suits Battleships? And what equipment is better for which nation?


I've personally gone for iChase's method of improving the strong points of the ships rather than sharpening the weakpoints.


For example, I've noticed that secondary batteries are very good on Jap BB's so I've installed the secondary batteries upgrade to help me ward off DD's that get too close or help me out in a dogfight, while US BB's have good AA so I installed the AA gun range upgrade.

I could have used the range upgrade for US BB's or turret traverse for Jap BB's but I think in the long run of battles they won't be very helpful?


Also wondering what the best defensive equipment choice is in regards to Rudder shift, engine power up or damage control? I went Damage control due to the long cool down of the BB repair party and I don't want extra fires or floods.

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I can see what you are Using mostly is about "Survivability". That isn't wrong, everyone has it taste

Some BB players focus on their main armaments for Gun Duel such as Accuracy, Aiming Speed, Main gun Survivability, Concealment, Pyromania

Some BB focus on their AA to prevent you-know-what-i-mean

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