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Alaska or Des Moines, which one have better armor to tank damage?

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you are comparing heavy cruiser to LARGE CRUISER ALASKA

simple answer : Alaska

Nyan-nyan answer : Alaska is not available.... -_-, 

Detailed answer :

you can just click "armor layour" at ship parameter/ship stat in port, VOILA! you can see how thicc or thin the armor of the ship. also compare the TOTAL HP, from the base HP to its repair party. be wary though repair party have different characteristic, so make sure to read the wiki how repair party works. for example SALEM CAN HEAL 40% TOTAL HP each consummable, but the amount in reality can be less than that due to citadel or penetration damage. so in summary,

1. Armor Layout

2. Base HP

3. Repair Party Heal Characteristic


talking about tanking damage, there is ton a way to mitigate damage. from simply hiding, angling tanking or just STRAIGHT DODGE.

for example MOGADOR, a DD... can mitigate damage 3x better than Alaska.... simply just dodging and damage saturation gimmick


Comparing Ship stat for choose is really silly... each ship have different trait, gameplay and tactic. event the most sucker Orkan could literally hassle the enemy a lot in the wrong hand.....


so CHOOSE SHIP BASED ON YOUR GAMEPLAY PREFERENCE. some player prefer heavy ship gameplay, some player prefer light ship.... and some player is simply asshole for sniping aalll daay

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Short answer: ALASKA.
It has a better armor layout.

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