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Hidden negative spec in update ?

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I am not familiar with Murica BB , but when i  unequip this update the gun dispersion drop and in real battle, my N.Caro can actually hit some thing. But with this update, i can't hit a boardside Alaska from 11km.

This update insert firing range that mean the farer we firing the bigger dispersion, but at short range, the dispersion must be the same ?




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NC has very large dispersion although it has 2.0 sigma. What that effectively mean is that although your shell grouping (how far each shells are from each other) is tight,  it will land over a larger area compare to other BB on a horizontal level. You missing an Alaska might be an RNG decide that your shells should land far from center.

This is not taking into account it's very slow shell travel speed that may affect aiming accuracy and Alaska defensive maneuvers.

But happy for you, starting from tier IX, American BB can slot the dispersion upgrade for 3mil credit, fixing this fatal flaw. This single upgrade make their gunnery one of the most accurate and reliable.
For North Carolina specifically, you might want to use something that is not the plotting room mod 1. Increasing range become useless after the range upgrade and your slow shell make any long range shots not feasible or not profitable. 

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WG might calculate it either way, I doubt we have any means to know for sure.

e.g. Fuso's dispersion is 226 m, which is the value at max range. If you increase the range (spotter, modules) either WG scales the dispersion (so it is no longer 226 m at max range, but 226 at the old max range), or they keep the definition of 226 at max range for the longer range, and the dispersion at all shorter ranges gets slightly better.

I don't find it profitable to worry about this sort of min-maxing. The decision to equip a range mod is simply a matter of gun ballistics and ship playstyle.

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