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Talk about Submariner

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The following content is my personal opinion.

I recently tested the submarine, which gave me a strange feeling. specifically, I feel that Submarine doesn't have a very clear position. It’s in an awkward position now.

Somebody say that Submarine is more like an assassin. But I don’t think so. Because no which assassin would reveal his intentions and location before assassinate? Submarine ridiculously reveal that. Enemies know they are marked when Submarine mark them. They even know exactly where the mark is, which allow them to avoid torpedoes very early. It just like an assassin telling his enemy that “I'm going to assassinate you. Run!” when he was preparing to assassinate. Don't you think it's weird? 

Besides, can’t the torpedo track be a little smarter? Torpedoes always crash themselves into mountains. Can't it just plan the route properly?

I think WG don’t want to affect balance of the game when they add Submarine in. Indeed, we can clearly see that Submarine really not destroy this kind of “balance” in this time test. But as a result, the existence of Submarine become unnecessary. It can’t change the war situation at all in most games. It's the same for the game with or without it. What the hell is Submarine here for?

I will write a separate proposal later that will give some specifics about my views on submarines.

Now I more want to know how do you think about it. 


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"Noo you cant just poke torpedoes on my ship"



Haha Bury goes in flames. :Smile_playing:

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