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Quick question

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so far loving this game nice work guys, been looking for a game like this for years after battlestations midway/pacific any way on to the question i guess...


So i'm loving USA fighters atm,  but is it a good strategy to bu a USA carrier with just (well i have a t5 cv) 2 fighters and 1 bomber, to take down the other cvs planes..... or do you just loss to much damage to ship for your team?


wait just got a second question lol...


are you ever going to be able to have a group with 2 c.v.s and with more people?






thanks to any one that's answers and have a good weekend guys


sorry ninja edit 


i only ask because i see alot of other c.v.s load with no fighters and i can fuck there planes rite up if i place my fights in the rite spots........ but i cant do shit to support my team in any other way lol.....


i had a LoL last night cos my drive bomber group got a kill and i was like wait they can do damage lol sorry for long post




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Chur kiwi im New Zealander!!!!  2 it's really werid i normally have 2 fighters and dive bomber.Because other team mate Normally Jap carrier and in a Blue moon the have same carrier.It's really hit and miss.


Some games i get like 40 planes shot down other games nothing really happns they really need to change those carriers those load outs aren't very good but still enjoy them

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