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One suggestion on Ranked Battles

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The following is my personal opinions.

Ranked Battles is totally different from Random Battles, which need more tactical cooperation. So, I think Ranked Battles should add a team up function which can let players play together with their friends and let them play the best cooperation effect in the Rank Battle. At the same time, more entertainment is added too.

And I know it may not fair to some individual players. So, I also think we should limit this kind of team up behavior to make matchmaking more balance.

How to achieve this kind of balance? I'll give some personal solutions here.

1.      A maximum of two players are allowed to form a squad.

2.      The level in the Rank Battle of players from the same squad should be close.

3.      The players can't choose the same type of ship in the same squad.

4.      At most one squad is allowed on each side in a game.

5.      In a game, if one side have a squad, that other side must have a squad too. And the type of ship between two squad should be same.

Of course, my suggestion must be incomplete. And these are just my thoughts on Ranked Battle.

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That would be team ranked then.
A different ranked system.
Since ranked is supposed to be only for solo climb.
Your skills paired with baggages / people who's there since they are according the game qualified / skilled players / afk'ers / human bots and if luck would have it a group of like minded individuals.

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