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Friendly Fire Penalty after Game Crashes

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Got kicked out of game while trying to enter a match, got a message about running repair and such, this right after being told servers were maxed out play a different ship type, so I leave it and go do something else, come back awhile latter and log back in, I'm pink with a stern warning from WG about how if I keep doing this type of thing they will give me such a pinch... 

WG perhaps put an input box of some kind in the warning message, so peeps can give you some feedback, I don't care about being pink, no one does or ever will, great mechanic by the way, doing it under these circumstances just makes you look sillier then normal, I guess that's something at least 🙂 

Anyway just a thought, I'm off to go wait for the game to be so busy I can't get a match, get booted when I do get one and then get more pink warnings for having the game crash 🙂 I am such a bad person lol. 

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