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Some suggestion on Economic XP and Credits

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The following contents are personal opinions only.

After 0.10.4 update, the mechanics of “Economic XP and Credits” is more Reasonable and equitable which make players can get more benefits from their decisions in the game. That’s great. But I think this mechanics still lack some flexibility.

What “flexibility” means. I will explain that.

It is obvious that the things a destroyer can do under the different circumstances is totally different. 

For example, the destroyer will cap more easier if the game don’t have aircraft carrier or radar ships this time. It’s also means that aircraft carrier and radar ships can restrict destroyer’s movement on many occasions. It will greatly affect the rewards of destroyer players.

For another example, destroyer may could have a great chance to torpedo at this place, making a good damage and getting big reward on Economic XP and Credits. But now aircraft carrier limit this place, which destroyer can’t move to this place and torpedo. As thus, many rewards of destroyer is lost.

In the worst situation, the destroyer players just can spot all the game even they don’t want the things be like that. But we know player just can get not much rewards from spotting. Finally, Even players win this one, their game experience won't be great actually.

So, destroyer should get more rewards than usual from spotting if the game have aircraft carrier this time. 

The same problem also occur on battleships. The battleship player who take more damage from enemy will have less chances to make damage to enemy. The rewards from sustain is less than making damage. we need brave battleships to hold up front sometime. But some players will just stay behind in order to get more rewards. It is unfair to those battleship players who holding up front.

That's what I think of as flexibility. Of course, the examples that I gave just a little of many situations. 

That's all I have to say. Thank for every patient readers.

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