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Rethinking Dockyard Events

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Not everyone is gonna agree with this, probably, but I have an idea on Dockyard ships.


You see, I think it's a little unfair for players who missed Dockyard events to permanently be locked out of a ship (like me with Hizen, Anchorage and ZF-6), just because they didn't or couldn't play at that time (due to real life considerations or other reasons). Therefore, here's some things I hope can be applied into how Dockyard ships are run.


-Inspired by watching AL's methodology of events. Call it me ripping-off AL if you want, but I thought it would be a nice idea on how to solve this issue.

-So, Dockyard events should follow the theme of new ship-rerun-new ship-rerun as much as possible. This means rerun ships and new ships are alternated between each other. For example:

(New ship) -> Odin -> (New Ship) -> Anchorage -> (New Ship) -> Hizen.

Obviously this isn't necessary to follow, but you get the idea.

-Rerun Dockyard events are exactly the same as before. This means same rewards, same doubloon requirements, same timeframe (exact no. of days/updates, not necessarily has to be on the same date), pretty much the event rerun.

-Once the ship and its Dockyard event has been rerun once (for a total of two runs), it should be made permanently available and free for anyone to grind anytime. There are a few caveats though:

  • Permanently available dockyards still require you to invest in (the same amount of) doubloons (as during the event) to complete the ship. You also still have to grind all the missions after that. However, there is no time limit with which to finish the grind. Starter packs, as well as the option to buy any phase, should also be a thing. Not the ability to outright buy the whole deal, however.
  • Flags and emblems associated with the ship are not grindable in permanent Dockyards- which means tough luck if you missed out on the original and rerun events.  This is like in AL where unique portraits are not obtainable from permanent events in the War Archives.
  • You have to choose what ship to grind out carefully, because once you do, the only way to switch out of it is to finish the grind. Or wait until the waiting period ends. I suggest the waiting period be 120-180 days, or use the "coupon" system of the Armory. This also serves a purpose of stopping people gaming the system too often for easy credits.


WG also stands to gain financially from this method, since ultimately they have to sink in doubloons in order to complete the grind.  And those doubloons cost real money (mostly- there are times you get them for free but it's so rare as to be a non-factor). I see this as a win-win for players (who can grind out the Dockyard ships they missed) and WG (who can reap the monies of those who grind out these ships).

WG probably won't see and won't ever adopt my idea (and even if they do I expect them to change it somehow, for better or worse), but I think this is still worth the thread.

Tell me what you think about it.





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My opinion,

I like the idea, but WG's 3 dockyard for 1 year is too much.

Players get burn out.

2 dockyard event per year is enough.
1 new, 1 previous.
3 months new, 3 months rest, 3 months previous, 3 months rest.

Dockyard can occur on Christmas and Summer. Where many players are on their break.


Also, I would like to give equal opportunity for both P2A and F2P players. Think of it as fortnine battle pass.

Players who has time can play, can spend time to play for the requirements / combat missions. (But not puerto Rico level requirements / combat missions.)
If they missed the 7 weeks time table, no worries, they can buy the booster pack. Which I will take note below.

Players who have IRL, and can not complete the ship building on time, they can buy booster pack at any time to quickly advance.

Booster pack comes in 3 packages:
Basic = 1 week worth of tokens
Half = 4 weeks worth of tokens
Full = complete get the ship instantly.

They can also buy both Basic and Half, but never Full.

Any excess tokens that players will recieve, they will be compensated with coal and steel.

From what I can see, some players are willing to shell out cash on the game. No matter the cost.
I saw 2 Hizen 1 week after the patch was released.

I saw 2 Anchorage 1 week after the patch was released.

I saw 4 Odin 1 week after the patch was released. German ships are quite popular, eventhough the dispersion sucks.

I saw 10 ZF-6 1 week after the patch was released. I guess the CC's and streamers showed that ZF-6 was really good compared to Hizen, Anchorage, and Odin.


WG gets population and cash, players are happy they get pixel boat (Both New and re-run).

They (playerbase / community) "might" forgive WG for the puerto rico fiasco, if players can ge the ship for free via combat missions.

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How about - normal dockyard events as they are now.

Then 12 months later, make the ship available as a grind for base xp without any time limit. I would suggest an arbitrary amount of base xp for Puerto Rico of 1 million for example. T10 Free xp ships are priced at 2 million free xp, so 1 million base xp seems reasonable to me.

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I would suggest a different option , FOA, too many dockyard event is for sure as of right now , 2 or 3 per year made a lot more sense , as for return of old dockyard ships , make them reward for unlimited time Campaign 18 months pass the Calendar after the Dockyard event and made it available for all players.

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These words: Your suggestion doesn't allow weegee to fleece the playerbase in the short term.

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