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Some Suggestions on Hayate

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Hayate need 2 million overall experience to exchange. But most of players don't think she is worth to exchange. It's not because her expensive cost. What people say Hayate the most is she don't have unique feature to become a special ship comparing with other ships. That is the main reason!

In previous versions, why players like to exchange Smaland rather than Hayate when they need same cost? I think because Smaland have more unique feature. Even at last we know Smaland off the shelf finally because she is to strong than other ships.

And now, we can clear see that Hayate is weak than other ships. Why I say that?

First. Hayate don't have unique consumables. Whether Smoke, Engine Boost or Torpedo Reload. And she can't use Torpedo Reload with Smoke at the same time. The most important thing is she have a bad Tropedo Reload which need 240s to repear. In nowadays game environment, it become harder and harder to let players using it.

So, she can't be a first-class Tropedo Ship.

Second. Hayate doesn't have a strong artillery capability to against with other DD ships. Even she have a higher HE damage. But Hayate need 4s to reload, which just can let Hayate make no more than 200 thousand HE damage per minute. Meanwhile, Hayate have a iffy Concealment ---- 6.1KM. These make Hayate vulnerable to other DD ships.

Also, she can't be a first-class Artillery Ship.

The last obvious problem is AA Defense. But she is a Japanese ship, I will not mention that.

In conclusion, Hayate now in a very awkward situation. We can't say Hayate good or bad Both in Tropedos, Concealment, Artillery...... And I think a Special Ships shouldn't be like this. It must have unique feature to make her worth to exchanged by using 2 million overall experience. And the word "unique" also not mean Hayate must be very strong to others ships. Players like to see some Special Features on Hayate. Just like Smaland, Paul, vampire II......

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