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Playing Around with Ships: Imagination-based thread

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I made this thread for fun. Here, you can play around with paper ships and what you choose to do with them. Here are some notes:

-Choose a ship (design), then choose what you want to name it and what you do with it- refit its weapons, create a variant, sell to other countries (which means getting a different name), imagine it in-game (what tier, what resource to get it with, etc),  modernize Iowa-style with missiles, whatever. Hell, even make an alternate history for it. You can even make your own designs if you know how to do so. 

-If you can make a WOWS-style devblog, do so. Heck, even share it to people and see how many gullible former CCs people believe it straight away.

-Try to keep it sensible- I don't think that crazy Japanese battleship armed with like 50 huge main battery guns and dwarfing the Yamato is a good idea. If it's something like Moskva, Vermont, or something that would fit in WOWS (and not meme-style like Habakkuk), though, go ahead.


I'll demonstrate, for example. I'll use this:


For details, here's the picture

Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser Design C

Here's part of the "specs" sheet:



Element-class heavy cruisers (RN names are deceptively simple, appears difficult but they have a generic theme at times)


  • HMS Iridium
  • HMS Titanium
  • HMS Aurum
  • HMS Stannum


  • As built: see above
  • Refit (post-war, possibly 1945-1950😞
    • 4x2 4"/45 QF Mk XVI DP-AA guns -> 4x2 4,5" QF Mk III  on BD Mk. IV mounting (Battle-class main guns)
    • 6x4 12.7mm/60 MG Mk III AA guns -> 12x2 Oerlikon MkV AA guns
    • 4x4 40mm/39 QF Mk VIII Pom-Pom guns -> 8x2 40mm Bofors STAAG


  • HMS Iridium: Scrapped in 1966
  • HMS Titanium: Scrapped in 1968
  • HMS Aurum: Sold to Canada in 1954, renamed HMCS Halifax. Decommissioned in 1964, museum ship in namesake city since 1971.
  • HMS Stannum: Sold to Japan in 1955, renamed JDS Fuji. Decommissioned in 1966, sunk as target off Shikoku Island in 1974.

I have provided my example, so I'll let you guys do your work.



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This is what caught my interest.


Summary: since USSR sold some of their war machine to Indonesia after the war, this ship is one of the instance if this ship existed & Soekarno managed to convince the Soviets to sell this ship to Indonesia (as he historically did with Irian).

Stats (as posted by Tzoli):

A 4 turreted Sovietsky Soyuz basically the Project 23bis but with 12 46-47cm Guns and with 50cm Armour, basically an upgunned and uparmoured Soviet Montana. I also removed two twin 20cm Gun Turrets and put 4 more AA turrets in it's place. Seriously 4 medium/long range AA turrets for such big ship???

I suggested armour for this ship to be 50-51cm

Stats (as posted by one of the comments):

88,985 t light; 94,236 t standard; 102,804 t normal; 109,658 t full load

Dimensions: Length (overall / waterline) x beam x draught (normal/deep)
(1,008.37 ft / 984.25 ft) x 144.36 ft x (40.52 / 42.72 ft)
(307.35 m / 300.00 m) x 44.00 m x (12.35 / 13.02 m)

12 - 18.50" / 470 mm 50.0 cal guns - 3,353.59lbs / 1,521.16kg shells, 120 per gun
Breech loading guns in turret on barbette mounts, 1948 Model
4 x Triple mounts on centreline ends, evenly spread
2 raised mounts - superfiring
16 - 7.09" / 180 mm 55.0 cal guns - 192.07lbs / 87.12kg shells, 300 per gun
Breech loading guns in turret on barbette mounts, 1948 Model
8 x 2-gun mounts on sides, evenly spread
Weight of broadside 43,316 lbs / 19,648 kg

- Belts: Width (max) Length (avg) Height (avg)
Main: 21.0" / 533 mm 551.18 ft / 168.00 m 14.42 ft / 4.40 m
Ends: Unarmoured
Main Belt covers 86 % of normal length

- Torpedo Bulkhead:
5.00" / 127 mm 551.18 ft / 168.00 m 38.59 ft / 11.76 m

- Gun armour: Face (max) Other gunhouse (avg) Barbette/hoist (max)
Main: 32.0" / 813 mm 12.0" / 305 mm 24.0" / 610 mm
2nd: 6.00" / 152 mm 2.50" / 64 mm 5.00" / 127 mm

- Armoured deck - multiple decks: 11.50" / 292 mm For and Aft decks

- Conning towers: Forward 18.00" / 457 mm, Aft 0.00" / 0 mm

Oil fired boilers, steam turbines, 
Geared drive, 4 shafts, 212,615 shp / 158,611 Kw = 29.25 kts
Range 16,000nm at 16.00 kts
Bunker at max displacement = 15,422 tons

2,869 - 3,731

I haven't come up with the actual name idea for this ship. And because the Indonesian Navy never had the naming convention for BB, it makes it quite tricky to choose.

US naming convention doesn't seem to suit well as Irian was the name of a province, which is equivalent to American states.

UK naming convention is too mixed. Some are named after historical figures, some are named after noble titles, etc.

If it's named after one of the national heroes, the ones I come up with so far are; KRI Soedirman (the first person to be promoted to 5-stars general) or KRI Yos Soedarso (a vice admiral who died in battle against the Dutch Navy at Aru Sea).

I might rectify this later.

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if you could model up Akatsuki with 2 turrets up front and one at the back please. that would be my dream DD

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