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About abolition of userMusic function

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The Japanese community has announced the discontinuation of this feature.(seezer said)


It's a shame because it was a feature i use a lot.
I thought i would appeal to the Japanese community, but the population is small.
I want to ask Wargaming to reimplement.

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this function is too barebone to be useful for me.

it should have categorize into separate scenarios like...

music when in port

music when waiting in que.

music when no enemy in sight

music when enemy within 10km radius

music when time remaining less than 5min

music when player become spectator ghost

music when enemy torpedo spotted within 3km (Eurobeat intensify)

etc etc...

and let player put their music in to each scenario as they please

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The fact is, most people if they want to play their own music can just mute it in game and then have a separate app running.

This is assisted by keyboards that can control said apps.

I've not used the feature but I can see the logic.

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In spite of the fact that initially we planned to remove the support of User music in 0.10.6, due to a technical mistake, the system was disabled in 0.10.5. We apologize for this mistake and possible inconveniences.  

The main reason for removing the user music system support - it had low popularity among our players, but at the same time required significant amount of resources for supporting its functionality. Therefore, it was decided to cancel its support. 

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